I'm back

My hobby's 

music,art,animals,books,games,air-soft, laser tag, Volleyball, Basketball, Disc golf, like to chat with friends and hanging out. I like playing D&D, and I love to sing!


 l stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves!

Hey! Bullies! Look here! 

Remember that kid you mocked for having divorced parents? What if they were working on a medicine that can cure cancer, and just needed no distractions?

You know that bald guy you said, "You're so freaking bald that you look like a corn-dog with ugly eyebrows!" What if he/she had cancer? 

That old dude in a wheelchair with disgusting scars and no feet you just sneered at? What if he fought for his country and saved thousands?

How about your schoolmate you just laughed at for crying for no reason? What if he just lost a loved one?

That nerd you tripped? What if in the future, he could be a world-changer? What if he designed something so powerful, so life-saving, that even you could be saved? 

That girl who always gets in trouble? What if she had suicidal thoughts?

Do you recall that incident where you pushed a young boy? What if you gave him osteoarthritis, something that could cost you thousands?

That girl who you called ugly? What is she spends hours putting on makeup everyday, just so people like you don't mock her? All that time and money for your opinion...

If you're a bully, get some help. Learn to think what others are thinking. You're not cool, you're crazy. 






I like that your broken,broken like me maybe that makes me a fool,I like that your lonely,lonely like me maybe that makes us a team.

 I love to say “Ayo!” 

 “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
― Dr. Seuss




 If you can’t take a joke don’t Friend me!


 I play the drums and the piano! But I’m hoping to play the bass guitar soon!

I’m studying to be a zoologist!