Hul 16, 2017
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I am a 1300 in chess. I love chess. I also like friends. Please be my friend. This is my fun game(I think) above.


My goals (for ratings):

Blitz: 2950+

Bullet: 2975+

Standard: 2250+

Crazyhouse: 2000+

Bughouse: 1875+

King of the hill: 1750+

Chess 960: 1650+

Daily: 3000+

My lifetime goal is to be world champion at age 22 or less. And I am 8. I want 10,000 followers. So please follow. 10 fun facts for this year: 

1.I love mint ice cream 🍨 

2. I like the color blue

3. Yes, I am a fan of Magnus Carlsen 

4. I like math

5. My favorite color is green

6. I am a girl

7. I still like boys

8. I think I’m awesome

9.I like video games

10. I hate North Korea 🇰🇵 








Are you still reading?






















This isn’t funny.









Please get out of here.










 Fine 1 more fact: I like Pokémon 













Did you stop?
























If you are reading till down here I hate you!!