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Hello!👋 I am Grandmaster Emil Mirzoev . I am 26 years old. I am from Ukraine, currently living in Berlin .
📍 FIDE Profile:

Game experience
Multiple champion of Ukraine among boys in rapid and blitz
Vice-champion of Ukraine U20 in classic chess
Winner of many national and international tournaments
I have been playing chess since I was 7 and I am the winner of many offline and online tournaments, such as:
▪️Youth Ukrainian Championships U12,14,16,18 (2008-2015)
▪️Ukrainian Championship U20 (2013)
▪️ Glasgow Open 2022
▪️X Torneo Internacional Cidade de Pontevedra Masters 2022
▪️Open Leo MA\aos 2022
▪️Uppsala Chess Festival 2021 GM 1
▪️30 year Jubilee Edition “Kyiv Spring – 2020 (open A)”
▪️GM-tournament "Mykolaiv-2021"etc.

I achieved GM at the age of 18.
Coaching experience
I have more than 8 years of coach experience and a huge experience communicating with top players.

I have helped many students achieve international titles, two of them have reached the highest GM chess title.

My best students
GM Galperin Platon 2525
GM Peng Li Min 2514
IM (WGM) Osmak Julia 2451
IM Roshka Yevgeniy 2509
FM Domalchuk-Jonasson, Alexander

I coach people of any age and level — both beginners who want to improve their chess level and titled players eager to prepare for tournaments.

Other achievements
Top-35 bullet on Lichess

A professional sports mafia player

Professional Judoka and I play football club in Germany.

🥇Ready to play for your team on financial conditions.
Best Skills
I use the most modern opening theory and the latest chess programs:
🔖 Chessbase and other chess software (professionally & regularly) for more than 6 years;
🔖 the strongest chess engines and neural networks such as Leela Zero, Stockfish, Fat Fritz.

Thanks to the large number of openings and classical positions I have studied for both colors and the conducted analysis on them, I am able to tell you everything about any chess opening in detail.

No doubts that your opponent can't surprise you at the start of the game after our classes 😉
Method of teaching
For students of 2000+, I see the main problem for leveling up is the lack of connection between the opening and the middlegame, and this is the strongest side of my coaching activity.

📚 I have an individual approach to each of my students, taking into account their preferences and possibilities.
On our first lesson we will discuss your playing style and analyze your 10 last games. After the analysis I point out what are your strengths which we are going to build into a weapons and weaknesses which we are going to focus to eliminate.

class format
📌 A developed individual study plan and program of classes for you with instructions how to use the material (customized to your needs)
📌 24/7 support - I am in touch with you in case you have any questions or difficulties
📌 Homework assignments after each lesson with typical examples for you

Training programs include:
▪️One- or two-hour lesson via Skype, Discord, Zoom

▪️Homework assignments after each lesson with typical examples for you to boost your knowledge

▪️Research of GMs’ games to find typical ideas, strategic plans, tactical motives in a particular position

▪️Chessbase (png&pdf) format material with explanations sent immediately following our lesson

▪️Practice to improve skills with immediate analysis after the games

▪️In case you are playing a tournament, we will get ready and analyze your opponent's games and opening preferences

▪️Chess psychology

In any case, every lesson is built individually and, at your request, we can conduct a lesson on any topic 😉

My contacts:
Skype kasparov77771
viber/whats up +380953013273