Miyembrong Diamond

In order to win at chess, you have to be one step ahead (and a step is more than one meaning), you have to be one step ahead.

My name is Omar

      My country, Iraq, I live in the capital, and my birth is on the twenty-fifth day of the first month in 1992

  •       I like to speak all languages, I like to talk to every friend in their native language

  • I like to vote on chess engines matches, Because they play with systematic and not random strategy with intelligence, no matter how simple or very deep, and I love to play like it regularly with intelligence, and the human brain should play much better than it 

  •  I love playing five-dimensional chess (5D)

  •  I love practicing spiritual sports,

  • my older brother was my inspiration in chess, and some of my friends Mustafa, Amjad and Bashar,

If your rating in Daily Chess is lower than mine, feel free to send me challenges with auto balance in custom position/ Odds, the most important thing is the 14 day challenge

here : click on this link 


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my youtube channel               قناة اليوتيوب خاصتي

chess engines                محركات الشطرنج
  • Stockfish 
  • KomodoDragon

Developed by
Don Dailey
Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler

Komodo started as a joint project by programmer Don Dailey and grandmaster Larry Kaufman. Originally named Doch (an abbreviation for Don's Chess) Larry suggested the name Komodo, because the Komodo Dragon is the world's most fearsome lizard, and because Dragon suggests the Dragon Sicilian, a popular fighting opening.
Created 2007

 إن هذه الصورة التالية ،  بالنسبة لي مثال على الحب بين النبي يوسف وزوجه زليخة عليهما السلام , وهذان الشخصان هما الذان لعبوا دور قصة حياتهم في المسلسل التمثيلي التلفزيوني  

This picture for me is an example of the love between the Prophet Joseph and his wife Zulekha, peace be upon them, And these two people are the ones who acted their roles in the TV series 


الميلاد : ٢٥  من كانون الثاني ,١٩٩٢

birthday: 25th January, 1992