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                                Monthly Profile Update!                28/10/2020        

                                     (In monthly update I check and upgrade my goals!)
First of all thanks for visiting my profile!

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You may ask my age is ?? ( super secret)
standard is ?? (also super secret)
My name is ?? (also super secret)


1) Reach 2300 in bullet - Done! above 2300 right now!  tongue.png
2) R
each 3200 in Tactics - Done but got tilted right after reaching it! meh.png
3) Reach 2350 in Blitz - Not done I had broken into 2320+ then I had the worst blitz rating drop! from 2320 to 2239! pray for me to get back to 2300+! cry.png
4) Reach 2300 in Rapid - Done! I have not played rapid this month but will try to play it I am on 2296 happy.png
5) Reach 2350 in Puzzle Battle - Done! I reached this goal! I am on 2364 right now!
6) Reach 2000 in Daily chess - Not done I reached 1800+ this journey will take time I think meh.png
7) Playing a game with 99% against a titled player -  Not sure if I have done this one! because I may have played a game against titled player and got 99% accuracy but I have not analysed all my games against titled players. I will be analyze all my games today and then will update my profile again surprise.png
8) Getting 45+
 in Puzzle Rush ( Not counting Survival) -  Not done! will try to reach it soon as I am doing less puzzles these days so I will try to do as many puzzle as I can till my Diamond membership expires!tear.png

9)Getting 120+ Achievements - Not done well it is hard to get it because of all the updates that are going on! I have reached 107 right now as I am saying this tongue.png 
10) 100,000 points - Not done only broke into 2,400 points! I have not been active this much in this month! shock.png
Note:- I will upgrade the goals in a few days whoever are seeing this will get a time of 3 days of seeing my achievements then I will upgrade my goals.
My top three blogs:-

 1) Tactics Part-4                                                                                                            125+ views
 2) No Arjuna award for chess players since 7 years - when will the drought end           100+  views 
 3) Studies
                                                                                                                       65+  views  

My top three forums:-

1) Celebrations Time!                                                                                                         62 comments
2) All records! in chess.com
India v/s Armenia Who will win Today Vote!  AND  I want BETA remarks!              21

About me:- (most of it is a secret! wink.png )

1) I have CM norm!
2) I was 1900+ (now dropped to 1675)
3) I like playing quality chess! 
Bad news:- 1) I am not active much
                    2) I may leave chess.com due to not much activity
                    3) My hand is singed
                    4) My rating is tilting ( well not in all but I HATE tilting!)
                    5) My membership is expiring 
                    6) I am a bit sick
                    7) I am depressed ( because when I play some cash prize event I usually do                                well but it always happen that I missed the prize by small margin. I was                                playing a event on lichess and I was on 10/11 then I faced 3 2400+ I lost                                and ended up ranking on 44! after 11 rounds I was on 4 after 3 loses I am                              on 44! such a bad luck! prize was only till 25! this has happened on                                        chess.com and lichess and other prize event places )
                     8) I will not actively blog anymore because I am not getting much time
Good News:- 1) yesterday I won a event so I got a bit more confidence 
                       2) I am happy as my School holidays are going on right now
                       3) My rating is has improved but the lately tilt has me knocked me a bit!
Thanks to @Rakesh and @Patzer24 for gifting me a membership.
About me in chess com:-
  I have written many blogs in chess.com they are great and I want to become a Top Blogger ( not blogging actively anymore) 
. click here to know about my blogs. I like to play chess more than chatting here. I hate cheaters!!!! (of course!). I like quality chess. I like chess 960 variant very much because it enhances you creativity level! I like playing interesting chess and rather unusual openings. I think you should ban opening theory it destroys the creativity of chess!!Sorry if I block there are 2 reasons for blocking you
1) You maybe using bad words or troll.
2) I lost a game would be angry at you so I block you (for this I will unblock you after a few days so don't worry)

To the chess.com members! 
1) Thank you for 1,000+ viewers
2) Thank you for the 200+ followers
3) Thank you to all staff members and mods who are seeing this!
4) Thank you to everyone who has helped in this site! I will take a few names @Matin_Stahl, @TheEvergreenWarrior, @Mayo_Neighs, @thaominh1234 etc... there are many people! don't get angry if you think I missed your name or I don't like you. If I keep on adding all the names then everyone would be tired seeing so many names! but whoever I have not named and have supported me are given a BIG "THANKS" by me!

Overall month record:- 
I have done well but those itchy tourneys where I should have got prize and did not get it knocked me a bit but other than activity I have done well this month!

        A Big thanks if you gift me a membership!