Kasparov Draws with 11-year old boy from South Africa in a Simul


More than 20 learners from several Cape Town schools (South Africa) on Thursday went head-to-head with chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov.

He is in the country to open a foundation that uses chess to promote maths and science.

Eleven-year-old Daniel Barrish drew his match with Kasparov.

The former world chess champion played simultaneous matches, with 26 opponents, for over three hours.

Kasparov said, “There were lots of decent players. I drew with the one player after travelling the whole day from Moscow to Cape Town.”

Another learner Sakhe Mkosi said he knew he did not stand a chance against Kasparov.

“Going into the game I was nervous and excited. I knew that the likelihood of beating him would be low, but I gave it my all.”

The event marked the launch of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa and its partnership with Moves for Life, a non-governmental organisation that promotes the educational advantages of chess.



How would anyone draw Kasparov???? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE LOL


I was a simul, but still impressive.  I heard on our local radio station the boy said he studied Kasparov's games before he attended.  But a draw against Kasparov would definitely earn some "bragging rights". Laughing

Unfortunately I haven't managed to find the game yet... Undecided


I wonder how good the kids were and how long the simul took.

Shadowknight911 wrote:

I drew with GM Akobian in a simul when I was 10 years old.

Wow Shadowknight911!  That is amazing!  Laughing  I guess you are working to making master soon?  Cool

waffllemaster wrote:

I wonder how good the kids were and how long the simul took.

It looks as if he's rating is around 1678, but I can't say for sure.