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Omaha Expert Defeats Houdini Chess Program 2100

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    JJerry Slominski White               vs


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    Is the rating of houdini correct?

    Because a 1944 beating a 2100 is not that huge a deal

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    Houdini 2100 sacking a pawn with 3...e6?! with no tangible compensation. Hmmm.

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    thanx input, this I have fun with chess,com tools/More user friendy than chessbase

    by slobak A Few Minutes Ago

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    thanx input You like 3d board though maybe

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    Was Houdini running on 386SX-25 with 4 MB RAM?

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    So you are Int. Master wow Thanx for posting,64 Xp Contempt "on"

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    I wonder why that the indicator for material advantage keeps saying that black resigns after each, beyond a certain point.Could someone who is more familiar with Houdini clarify this for me?

    I also agree that if the settings were for Houdini to play at a 2100 level, this isn't a big deal. I have beaten a 1900 on Chessmaster as a 1400. I think one of things to remember is that if the computer is programmed to emulate a level of play that, would at some point have make moves that aren't the best, beating it then doesn't seem so impossible.

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       Gooood q    Houdini clarify resign ,but will play on in case you dont   hit accept key ///  also  Houdini 1.5 is free /but 2.0 cost 50   IT well worth it   Gary




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