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San Francisco Bans Street Chess

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    You are right btickler, it could be some propaganda from the news source. However, its not like something like that couldn't happen.

    Also you said 5th and Mission, is that close to 5th and Market ? Also what times of the day were you there, it also showed a demonstration against the war in that photo with the chess players ?

    If this is a true story, its very sad. People's property was confiscated illegally in my opinion, and the whole situation was mishandled by the city, and police. Just my 2 cents for whatever its worth.

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    AlCzervik wrote:
    niceforkinmove wrote:

    Ok a flat out ban on street chess is pretty ridiculous.  

    But as an evil business owner myself, I have to admit I would not want a lot of homeless or non-homeless people congregating in front of my business.  It would hurt business.  

    Maybe not. It might depend on your particular business. People playing chess in front of it may have passers-by stopping, and then noticing your establishment.


    This is very true and some downtown business owners are so uptight you would think they don't want anyone downtown!   And of course some businesses are happy to have people hanging out in front of them.  


    But many others probably wouldn't appreciate it such as doctors offices, law offices, work out places, beauty salons where women might be afraid etc.  

    It's really just a matter of courtesy.  I have had to ask people not to "hang out" in front of my business.  I have done it in a nice way and the people were nice enough to listen to my request.  Sometimes people aren't so nice and then rules need to be made.   

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    Well, it's Califorina. What did u expect?

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    kayak21 wrote:

    Can't say as I have ever seen street chess in England. Maybe because it rains a lot. :-)


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    CrimsonKnight7 wrote:

    Of course its an agenda. Lol, to that one business owner. Perhaps all the chess players around the world should boycott his store, lets see how well his sales do then. LMAO.

    That would have pretty much no influence at all on his sales.

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    cities these days only seem to be tailored to meeting consumerism and if you come to the city and want to indulge in a free pastime then you aint welcome i call this gentfification and unfortunately until we reclaim our urban spaces this attitude of economic apartheid is going to persist

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    5th and Mission is one block from 5th and Market.

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    Be warned: playing chess on the streets of San Francisco can lead into "violence and barbecuing".


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    btickler wrote:

    5th and Mission is one block from 5th and Market.

    Maybe thats why btickler hasn't seen the chess players?

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    It's been about ten years since I played there, but I didn't much like it as not only did I have a wager with the other player, but had to pay 'rent' to some thug as well.


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