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World simultaneous chess record broken in India!!

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       Hey everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying your Holidays wherever you are in this world of ours. I'm sitting here in my "Chess Central" office, working and studying, but enjoying myself completely. And I want to let everyone in on a bit of news that I have discovered from chessbase.com.

       The World simul chess record has just been broken in India. I'm not going to say much about this since I'm including the link the article, but in a 91 thousand square foot area, 1024 Masters played simuls against a total of 20,480 players. World Champion Vishy Anand was present at the event.

       I'm including two pictures (the same as the article I am going to link up) but I just had to post these here:


       The players playing in White squares sported White T-shirts and caps while the black squared players donned black coloured outfits.

       Here is the link for all to read and enjoy. Cool


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    I'm sorry, but this is too cool! To even come up with the idea, let alone execute it! WOW!!!!!


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