A word of warning against purchasing from ChessnCrafts


I am extremely hesitant to write negative reviews for retailers, as everyone gets busy, behind, screws up, etc. - it's just part of business and sometimes stuff happens. However, I felt others should know my experience with Chess n Crafts so they don't go through the same thing.

I purchased the Wellington 4.5" chess set from their site on Etsy (ChessNCraftsIndia) on Nov. 25th. It was shipped on Dec. 5 and arrived Dec. 11th, missing a white pawn, rook, and queen. I messaged them the same day, after which they stated they would send the missing pieces. On Jan. 25th I had to open a case with Etsy support for a refund because they still had not sent the missing pieces and would get no response ora "will send soon" message from them when I followed up. Come early Feb and I finally received a refund. They marked my order as cancelled on Etsy, so I'm unable to leave a review for them on the site. I would recommend steering clear of them.


Sorry for the bad experience. 


How does a seller ship out a set with 3 missing pieces?  Absolutely pathetic.


teoulennon-- Did you return the set ?   If you did return the set, who paid  the postage?


He hasn't been back since Feb. 9, 2021.  Based on his OP it sounds to me like he didn't return the set before the refund was issued and ChessnCrafts "went dark".