Beginner complete course?


Hi, not sure if this has already been asked but I need some help researching books to read as a beginner.

There are many books from many authors and many topics. I’ve been recommended to focus on fundamentals, middle, end game and tactics. 

I just wonder if there’s a particular series or course of books. Or even one book that looks at all elements? It just gets confusing jumping from author to author as well as the two different notation types.  It would be nice to have a structured course! I’d like to get a physical book and not digital. 

can anyone advise?



There is a book by Antonio Gude - If I remember it is called the Complete Chess Course.



LEARN TO PLAY CHESS LIKE A BOSS is often recommended and gets great reviews. 




I've never tried it, but you might be interested in The Steps Method series.  It's a series of books and workbooks that go from beginner (under 800) level to master (FIDE 2100) level.  The books are available from their website or on Amazon. The Perpetual Chess Podcast recommends it on their evolving list of chess book recommendations.


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