Best book on Hyper-accelerated Dragon?


Can someone suggest the best book(s) on the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon? I've been looking and found several on the Dragon that say they cover the H-A D but without seeing just how extensive the coverage is, it makes it hard to make a decision.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


There's a 20-page chapter on the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon in Accelerated Dragons by Donaldson & Silman. Can't recall a whole book on it, though.


There's Chess Openings for Black Explained by Alburt.  It's a repertoire book with the Accelerated Dragon as the choice against 1. e4.   It uses the Hyperaccelerated move order, but I think it uses it more as a way to get into the Accelerated while avoiding certain White options.  I don't own it and have only flipped through it in the bookstore, so I can't vouch for how good the book is.


Roman is your guy. 


Definitely "Chess openings for Black Explained" by Alburt et al & Roman's Lab DVD's on!!


"...I do have all (Hyper)Accelerated Dragon books printed up to date (starting with David Levy's back in the late seventies) and if I had to pick one, it would be Greet's. It's not perfect, but fairly thorough and very well laid-out." - IM pfren (March 30, 2017)
"... Having read [Starting Out: The Accelerated Dragon by Andrew Greet (2008)] cover to cover, I recommend it to anyone who is eager to learn more about chess in general and the Accelerated Dragon in particular. This book is quite an achievement and it has much to offer to ambitious players. I also recommend it to those who already play the Accelerated Dragon, because it contains plenty of original material, and it is sure to deepen your understanding of the opening. ..." - FM Carsten Hansen (2008)
"I recently got [The Hyper Accelerated Dragon by Raja Panjwani]. I think it's not a good book for class players (unlike Greet's). Good & thorough analysis, but the lines picked are not the easiest, and there are no simple verbal explanations." - IM pfren (December 31, 2017)
"What about Chess Openings for Black Explained? By Alburt et all, 2nd ed. ..." - torrubirubi (~29 days ago)

I am learning the HAD in the website Chessable. There you find a video explaining the repertoire. The cool thing is that we learn the repertoire using spaced repetition. This means that it is not the kind of book that you will buy, work a couple of days or weeks, and put away in a bookshelf.

The book was written by IM Raja Panjani, an expert in this defence.