Brazilian old chess set


This chess set was purchased in the middle of last century in Brazil by my grandfather in law. He was born in romanian territory (when it was austro-hungarian empire), but he had hungarian passport when he came to Brazil in the 1920s, as a young baby, fleeing with his family from poverty and war in eastern europe.

As everybody knows, chess is very popular in this region of the world, specially Hungary. 
So after establishing a family, he bought this set to play with his kids (one of them is my father in law). The board is small (4.5 cm squares) and super light, there is a very thin plywood sheet beneath the veneer. The pieces are felted, unweighted and the king is 10 cm tall. They show several battle scars from 3 generations of users and the white pieces are lacquered. The black pieces are not ebonized but painted in black. Both from the same wood (the only broken piece is the black king’s cross). Seems like an ordinary set from the past, no special design, no intricated carving or fancy box. Just sentimental value.

Just for fun and curiosity, I tried to find out the manufacturer but the sticker on the back of the board is very worn. I could read a few words in portuguese “Fabrica” “Jogos” “Luiz”.

Appreciate if anyone can help me identify this manufacturer. 
Thanks in advance.


                                                                                            That's better. wink

I think that is a wonderful set and board enriched by the links to your family and the history therein. Thanks for making the effort to post the pics and write the story. It’s what make this forum so cool. Cheers. 🍻

That is a gorgeous set! It’s amazing how much variety there can be in such a standardized game - it’s one of the things that makes chess a sublime form.

The knight carving at the back resembles the Romanian-Hungarian sets, by the way.


Little reaction here to this nice thread!

I have some Brazilian sets. Usually they are easy to recognize through the unique knights, which have a large head. They are other typical features too. 
Check in this link the Brazilian set, which shows similarities to yours

Um abração 

Yes, it’s a lovely set. The bases remind me of the Philippines pieces I purchased through Holger.

Yes, I thought the same.


Very nice posting and pics! Thank you letting us all take a peek and enjoy the journey as well. 


Thanks guys for the kind and nice messages! Specially from my fellow countryman @Brasileirosim living in Switzerland. Always with good insights about Brazilian pieces!
Take care everyone!

Agree w Powder 100%. Love the post, love the story, love the set and the pics. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Very nice set...Lots of character.


One of my best Staunton I found in a antique shop in Rio de Janeiro. Tournament size, very heavy with a wonderful patina. It is really difficult to find such a beautiful set, and the price was very good.
I will let you know if I publish a thread about it.


It's most elegant!😍