Chavet Chess Set - Just looking for info


Hey everyone, just joined here! Recently picked up a Chavet chess set from a local Goodwill and was curious if any of the experts here might be willing to provide some info on it? The box says the following on it;

Item 253/5 RB

Chess Set N°5

Pine Box

Red and Cream

Gloss Paint Pcs

Made in EEC

I'd be happy to upload photos, but I can't figure out how? Prices on ebay are all over the place so it's hard to determine the value of the set haha, it's very nice looking though! Any info would be much appreciated, and I'm happy to provide additional info, thanks in advance!


I think for new users it's normal to not have the option to post pictures, after some time you will be able to. Congratulations with your purchase, there are better connaisseur of the Chavet sets than me but I'm sure it's very nice. 


Congratz. 253 series are the colored series I think, like the 253/5 Vert is the green colored set.


Upload to a site like and post some links.


Oh thanks for the idea beachero! Here's what it looks like.


They're gorgeous, incredible set wastle!


It's beautiful!


Woah. Why have I never seen this before? Thanks for posting this! 

Posting photos on behalf of @wastle:


I admit that I'm kinda jealous, I wasn't a fan of the Chavet style but it's growing on me lately, and I can't find online good Chavet original pieces (the ones that I find are: 1. overpriced, 2. reproductions, 3. out of stock). To find such an original Chavet set is really impressive.

wastle wrote:

Oh thanks for the idea beachero! Here's what it looks like.




Wow.   Even the box looks so clean.    Is this a newer set?  I ask because the large ball on top of the Queen. 

Yep these are new series with the massive ball on the Queen and less than $100. Also in blue. The company Dal Negro also makes translucent plastic versions in the colors of green, red and blue.

How come you can use the word dal neg.o? I get a warning if I do that.


I got a warning by trying to quote him ahahah. 

Anyway, I can't find online nice Chavet sets, if you have some links to recommend I'll be glad Grey

I found this one that I think looks a bit similar to a Chavet set but I'd like an original: