Chess 960 Books


Can anyone recommend a good 960 strategy book?  Does such a thing exist?


The only book on the topic I'm aware of is:


Shall We Play Fischerrandom Chess? (Svetozar Gligoric)


There are probably others, but I haven't run across them yet in my browsings.


@Bawker:  Did you enjoy that book?  Did it help clarify things?


I don't actually own the book... I've thumbed through it at book stores a time or 3 and went away with a favorable impression of it.  However, I just don't have enough of an interest in Chess960 to slap down the cash for a book on it.  My Chronos II clock has a Chess 960 random position generator built in, and I've used it 2 or 3 times for friendly games with players I know... but neither they nor myself really have enough interest in it to really pursue it beyond an occasional novelty.


@Bawker:  OK, thanks for the information.  I'll take a look at it.


Three years later I am wondering if new / more books on chess 960 are available.


Apparently not.


Another 5 years later I am wondering the same. The few I found online do not look too great. Any updates on recommendations?


I´d like a not to thick book, say 150 pages, that comprehensively covers the different openings.


Wesley So has a Chessable course, which is marked as free. I want to give it a shot.
There's obvious strategy in the opening.