Chess apps for iPad mini


I purchased an iPad mini for my wife as a Mother's Day present. She absolutely loves it, and the size is perfect for her, relaxing in bed, fitting in her purse. It's the perfect solution for those who like iPhones, but want a slightly bigger screen.

Anyway, she is taking a nap, so I am messing around with it. Quite an amazing gadget. I have been away from Apple computers for decades, and am amazed at all the cool apps for music teachers!

The App Store is huge, really huge. Can someone please direct me to a thread that covers chess apps? Second, what chess apps do you really like?

Is there a chess game that plays like Fritz or Chessmaster?

I already did some tactics puzzles on ChessTempo, and the iPad touch screen interface is very responsive, and the display looks better, much better than my Dell laptop.

I play mostly 10 0 and 15 10 here. Never 5 0. Never bullet. Will I have any trouble playing live chess at my time controls with this iPad mini? What browser or special app should I use for Live Chess? I downloaded the app, and am playing against the computer. I like it!


Regarding price.

There were no discounts for educators for iPads. Back in the early 90's, I got a teacher discount on a Macintosh LC, and that was my first and only Apple computer purchase until getting my wife an iPad. A lot has changed with this company!

If you are thinking about purchasing an iPad mini, I suggest keeping an eye on Target. They have an exclusive contract, well, this is what the sales guy said, that Target can sell it at a sale price now and then. It was marked down 30 dollars during the Mother's Day sale, plus I earned a 5 percent off discount card for all the shopping done there, plus another 5 percent discount for using my Target rewards card. So, I ended up having 60 dollars subtracted from the list price, which made it $270 plus tax.


The "Chess Opening Trainer" app is outstanding. You start with a PGN file of your repertoire. Process it with a program you can download from the programmers website and it creates a training database file you can train with. 


I only have some of the free chess apps on my iPad. Stockfish is mainly what I use. Chessimo is another good app and has some training materials that Stockfish doesn't.

Not a chess app, but Liquid Sketch is another enjoyable free app. Wish it had more puzzles because I've done them so many times now that it's sort of pointless to keep doing them. Cool game though.


Hiarcs chess for iPad is excellent, imo, and as well as human vs computer can be used as a board to play over games and do (necessarily limited) analysis.