chess bazaar is shady


Alright, enough of his lies...I'm going to wash my car now.

Yenster1 wrote:

I guess I gotta wonder why he didn't buy the ebonized set...if they're the "same" as he says...LOL. Or are they different? Hmm....

Yep it is customized and shipped from India with full Amazon protection.

So yes I can return the item for no reason. As this is not only Amazons policy, this is Chessbazaars policy.

And Amazon will force them to adhere to both of their policies. Since I bought the Chess set with Amazon.

Anymore stupid lies dimwit...


For any kind of returns, kindly make sure you contact our customer service team and ask for RAN (return authorization number) before you ship it back. Returns without RAN are not accepted. All returns are paid back the same mode you made the payment i.e. if you paid by PayPal the refund will be issued to your PayPal account, if you used your credit card to make the payment, refunds will be issued to your credit card only. 

  • If your product has shipped but has not yet been delivered, contact our customer support team and inform them of the same. The to-and-fro shipping is borne by you in this case.
  • If you've received the product and it is damaged, we will send you the replacement FREE of cost(Read T&C).

For any other reason other than damage product, if you want to return the item, we offer you a no questions asked return policy. You can return the item within 15 days of receiving your shipment. All returns must be in the original, factory-sealed packaging in the same condition that they were received, for a refund (excluding shipping costs).


Oh I'm sure there's lies there somewhere




You're a legend....



In your own mind.


Just received my latest set from Chessbazaar.

Ordered direct, on Etsy. Ordered the evening of 19-Feb, paid with Paypal.

Delivered today, 23-Feb before noon.

Set is a lovely 2.6" Collector's Series in Shesham and Boxwood. Very well packaged, very nicely done. One of the smoothest transactions I have had, smoother than 2 of the last 22 orders from Amazon (in the past 2 weeks, I order a lot from Amazon), one that never got here and one that was the wrong product (not chess sets).

Currently looking to get something else as they gave me another 30% off coupon. happy.png


Etsy is a good option for ordering chess equipment. And also has good protection for the buyer and seller. If issues arise like not honoring returns, or bad chess sets sent to customers....

I have had nothing but positives when ordering on Etsy....

Etsy's Purchase Protection program was built to ensure that buyers and sellers have a positive experience on Etsy. For eligible sellers, our program can offer a little extra peace of mind when cases arise. Etsy may cover buyer refunds for orders up to $250 on any case arising from a qualified order. This page explains how the Purchase Protection program works, and the types of items and transactions subject to the program.