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Chess for Console Gamers?

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    Would you play chess on your PS3 or Xbox? Even if it looked as nice as this?...



    ...And whatever happened to this thing? Vaporware to the end - or does it actually exist, in the sense that someone can really buy/play it?


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    I've Battle vs Chess, so I can vouch for it actually existing. It was not launched in the US though, so it is kinda harder to find. Mine was purchased on the brazilian version of ebay (and was kinda expensive, ~US$100) but the game is really fun.

    I didn't like the "special" modes, but playing on the regular mode is quite nice.

    Regarding Pure Chess, it is slated to be released next week on the american store, and I'll certainly be trying it :))

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    Battle vs Chess is okay, although the opening book is weak. The engine plays the French and Caro-Kann exclusively (almost) against 1.e4. The US version will be called "Check vs Mate", I believe. The hard part is finding people to play on XBOX Live.

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    DeepGreene wrote:

    Would you play chess on your PS3 or Xbox? Even if it looked as nice as this?...




    That game (Pure Chess) is PS only.  So, no, I won't be trying it on Xbox. :(

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    thank you JUST thank you watchng both vids has gotten me FIRED UP about chess!  want both games how much does each cost ?

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    chessmaster102 wrote:

    thank you JUST thank you watchng both vids has gotten me FIRED UP about chess!  want both games how much does each cost ?

    Battle vs Chess is the regular PS3/Xbox360 game price, it depends a lot on where you can find it for sale. When they relaunch as Chess vs Mate it will probably be far easier to find.

    Pure Chess is already available on the EU PSN, I don't know the exact price of the american store (it will only be released there on the 29th) but it appears to be something from US$5 to US$10

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    5 to $10 sweet when you say PSN do you mean PlayStation Network or somethin else.

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    Yep, PSN is the PlayStation Network. I didn't see any official prices for the US one yet, but it appears to be up for 5 euros on the EU one, so the conversion shouldn't be that far off.

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    Here's a link with a video to Pure Chess game for PS Vita.

    Looks like for Vita and PS3

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    Pure chess is suppossedly available for download tomorrow. Anyone going to get it?

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    I will be getting it. I am very new to Chess. So no matter the engine or whatever ill be challenged lol. Hope we can download it from the Store.

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    I have tried

    - Fritz Chess for PS3

    - Chessmaster for Xbox 360

    - Pure Chess for PS3

    ---------- Fritz Chess for PS3 (exclusive)

    For PS3 there is Fritz Chess, see http://www.amazon.co.uk/Deep-Silver-Fritz-Chess-PS3/dp/B001P5HM82

    Can play versus several ratings, the strongest are 1500, 1800, 2100, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2700 (not as many personalities as say Chessmaster for PC).

    Can replay from a collection of 2000 historic games.

    Can save your games, but only up to 8 (then you have to override them).

    As for openings, its very weak (Irregular lines in French, vs Sicilian, etc.), but then again have only played with up to 2100.

    Has Normal, Giveaway & 960.

    Plays quite fast, almost instant.

    No online/mail mode.

    As for gamers, it has

    Has a "campaing mode" in which you which solve different chess related challenges.

    - Its easier to pick the platinum trophy (have to defeat up to 2100 personality, even if you cant, can pit against a computer, although same on you :) )

    Overall, good, may teach a few tricks in the openings.

    ---------- Chessmaster for Xbox 360 (exclusive)

    This is downloable from xbox store.

    Has like 200+ personalities, with well defined styles, up to 2700.

    Overal its personalities feel stronger than Fritz ones (sometimes Fritz Chess 2100 makes huge mistakes, that you wont see in the equivalent Chessmaster 360 2100 personality)

    Takes its time to play.

    Has online play, although kind of dead for cheaters (people that set up matches of 1 min, then move back and forth one knight).

    Can save unlimited games.

    Has 200 pts of achievements, some online related.

    Overall nice, but stripped down version from PC.

    ---------- Pure Chess for PS3 (I think is available for PS4, Vita & Steam, but no for Xboxes)

    Has the most beautiful immersion interface (you are in a library, sit in front of a profesional set) & soundtrack classic music.

    Has online modes, a free more & a tournament mode (when you have to play against engine and win 4 in a row to win the tournament, rinse and repeat a total 3 times for the 3 categories, if you want the related trophy)

    *Big usability issue, cannot save a game played in tournament mode

    Weak in openings (so far played two games against strongest mode in tournament, one once against Kings Indian (deviated from theory in move 6-7) and lost against a Trompowsky), has up to Grandmaster level, but the strongest you have to defeat (Master level) in tourament must be around 1900-2000.

    In a third game, It defended with slav, played ... dxc4 & then e7-e6 instead of standard Bc8-f5, so again, weak in opening.

    Plays fast.


    All three have also puzzle mode, for opening variety, I would go with Chessmaster, for a fast game Fritz.


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    I have Pure Chess for the PS4. I will say that it looks beautiful, has great music, but feels rather awkwrd to play. But that's just my opinion.


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