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Chessboard with letters and numbers

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    My brother learned chess the "Old-Fashioned" way, by using the position of a piece relative to the King or Queen.

    Ex: The Kings, rook, pawn 2.

    He is having trouble with the algebraic notation system.

    Does anyone know where he may be able to purchase a set that has the algebraic notations printed on the board, or possibly a plastic overlay, or any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The descriptive notation was my "first" notation too. To get used to the algebraic notation all it takes to play through a couple of games. 30 minutes tops is enough to get comfortable with it. No need to get an overlay in my opinion.

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    Any decent chess store will have some. A quick search for chess boards will list a lot of sites.

    Take a look at:

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    Thanks Crazychessplaya and Gomer.

    I went to the websites, and found several boards with the notation on the board.

    There was one in particular, that was beautiful, and had the notations so that it could be read from either the white point of view, or the black, and was only $49.95.

    Much appreciated!!!

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    This is the link to the board that has the numbers and letters so that you can see them from either white or black perspective: (It was $49.95)

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      I just used a black Sharpy marker on mine. My girlfriend did it and it came out perfectly for my two wooden boards. Eveything is lined up nice and neat it looks like it came that way.  Cool


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    That looks like a good choice. Make sure you get one with large enough squares. The squares should be roughly 1.25 to 1.3 times the width of the king's base.
    2" squares are usually an absolute minimum.
    2.25" and 2 3/8" squares are good for most sets with the king under 4" tall.
    2.5" squares should fit most any set well.


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