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chess.com Tactics Trainer - The Woodpecker Method

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    Dear klippfiskkjerringa,

    Dear Axel,

    Congratulations on your book and your well deserved "chesscafe.com book of the year 2013 Award"! - in my personal ranking it just took over first place in the category "best chess training book ever" from Tisdall´s "Improve your chess NOW", Everyman Chess 1997.

    Of course the new Aagaard "Grandmaster preparation" course is great too; so my first question is: "Is it necessary to breath North-European air to write really great chess-training books"?

    Back to the title of this forum; your "chess.com-tactics-rating" is quite nice. As an experienced user of the "chess.com Tactics Trainer: "Which improvements / corrections in the chess.com Tactics Trainer would be necessary to become the best possible way to train the "Woodpecker Method" (see Part II, Chapter 6)?

    Best wishes from Austria (no North-European air available)


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    Hi, can anyone share the books that is using for training with the woodpecker method?

    It is not clear for me if it is better to train with "simple" problems (e.g. 3 moves themes/combinations) in other to solve a lot of them or more complex, than could take 10 minutes or more.


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    According the book simple ones.  Probabaly almost any tactis puzzle book will do

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    Thanks for your answer petrip!!

    Yep, this is what I also read in the book, but when you see the exercices included in this chapter, they don't look so "easy" as a "mate in three". This is my doubt, he says everthing is fine, but exercices in the book have medium difficulty.

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    todo depende un poco de tu nivel; en mi caso, cuando empecé con esto perdí mucho tiempo forzándome a hacer ejercicios bastante complejos para mi nivel; mi consejo es hacer muchísimos ejercicios de táctica simples. para eso la palicación chessimo es excelente, aunque de pago. otra opción es hacer táctica aquí ajustano el rating a niveles bajos, aunque creo que nos epuede repetir.

    una vez que estuve unos meses haciendo chessimo e hice unos 10.000 ejericios, empecé a ver muchas cosas que antes no veía enel tablero.

    Los ejercicios del libro de A Smith efectivamente son complejos.

    otra buen aopción es el libro tactics time, con 1000 ejericios simples para repetir hasta que los puedas hacer cada uno enunos pocos segundos, que es la misma idea que utiliza chessimo.


    Si tienes un nivel alto, pues olvida todo esto, claro...

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    Gracias antón!

    Supongo que todo pasa por hacer algo de esfuerzo pero no "bloquearte" en cada ejercicio. 

    A que llamas nivel bajo/alto, que elo tienes?

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    ElKitch wrote:

    I dont undestand.. the graph show a ~450 leap from jan 2006-2008. Why is that an improvement of 35 rating points in 10yr time?

    Because some people like to argue, math be damned.

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    Carlsen has only improved by 50 points a year since 2001. Not sure why everyone makes such a big deal about that guy.

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    SilentKnighte5 wrote:

    Carlsen has only improved by 50 points a year since 2001. Not sure why everyone makes such a big deal about that guy.

    Maybe because Carlsen doesn't have a publisher promising that if you buy his book, you will reach 2800. False advertisement is not a good way to endorse a book.

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    Reading comprehension is oh so difficult.

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    Hey, I have that book too! I do reccomend it to anyone who is serious on improving. 

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    Congratulations to Axel Smith...

    He is now a GM!!

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    Hooray! I knew he could do it with his own training program. Smile

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    I bet longo feels pretty stupid now.

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     I think the idea is in principle right.  The guy said that you need to solve many tactics with a level that is not to hard and the repeat. That is exactly how we learn in school, for example to write. You write thye letters once and again and again... and finally one day you can write words..; and later on sentences... Same thing for a guy learning how to play the guitar or piano, you repeat and repeat basic chords, once you have good control of that you can start playing songs and more complex things... in my opinion it is worth a try... 


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