ChessScribe app



Is anyone using this app for recording moves? I have it and the game files won't open in Shredder or Stockfish - seems there is something wrong with the way ChessScribe saves the .pgn file. There are no instructins or any form of help available from them - their "website" is nothing more than a one page ad for the app. Very frustrating.

Anyone have a suggestion for getting these files to open? I want to review and analyze my games.

Any help is appreciated.


I've been using the app and what I've found is that the pgn is not written properly when a move is ambiguous. For example, the pgn is written as Re1 when Rae1 is appropriate. And so, pgn's like this can not be imported to other programs. I and others have reported the problem to Chess Scribe, they are aware of the problem, and they've told me that an update is due which fixes the problem shortly.