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Convert to pgn

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    Is there a way to convert chessbase (I think) files to pgn easily?

    I notice that each name has lots of files, name.cba, cbc, cbe, cbh, cbm etc.

    I'd prefer not to have to do a 80 meg download of chessbase light, if possible?

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    Fritz 5.32 is around 4 MB and available for free. Chessbase Magazine comes with a small program called Chessbase Reader (6 MB) which might work.  In the Fritz 6 demo (12 MB), you might be able to copy a single game to the clipboard, and then paste it into another program.  Aquarium demo is supposed to be able to read cbh, and it's around 23 MB.  The Fritz 12 demo is around 295 MB.

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    with fritz, file > new textfile, and you can convert to pgn

    or google '.cbv to pgn' , i'm sure some scripts exist for that purpose

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I did Google that, and variations. It seems many people (including on this site) have had the same question, and there seems to be no solution.

    I downloaded Fritz 5.32. When I run the setup program, it tells me I need 16M RAM, and quits. (I have 4 GB)

    I tried various utilities, and pages dont exist, or I get Virus alerts.

    In the end, I did download CB light, and it wont allow me to save files. What a waste of time and money for that download, big downloads are very slow and expensive here :(.

    Ah, well, I just wanted to coonvert an old file with nice endagame studies to a format I could use. Guess it's not to be. I can view them now in CB lite, but I can't really do anything else.

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    Try right-clicking on the Fritz 5.32 installer and choosing both "Run as Administrator" and "Windows XP Service Pack 2" compatibility... that worked for me to get rid of that installation error.

    If all else fails and it's just a file or two, I could convert and send it back to you :)

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    Thanx for the reply, but rigamagician very kindly converted the files fo me. I gave him a trophy and all....

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    Well, save it for future reference-- I installed Fritz 5.32 just to test... I have Chess Assistant for that kind of thing :)


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