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How high will the board sit off the table top?

In my experience whenever I have had such "box" designed chess set, the board is sitting too high for comfortable play.  And that includes using a Chess clock which might be sitting too low compared to the playing level.

And that is the problem I have with the tournament sized setups like this.  The smaller, 10" or even 12" sizes have smaller pieces and the edge thickness of the box is also thinner.  When we get a box to hold a set with 1.5" to 1.7" base diameters, then the box size gets kind of too thick to use on a table top.


Each of half of the board is 2" thick not including the raised borders (1/4") the game pieces have 1.5" diameters so technically there is still some wiggle room to lower the heights. The size of the board extends to 18" fortunately this is all still just in CAD and can be edited rather easily.

Would it be more sensible to shrink the size to make it more compact? The idea is to create a chess board that lends itself to serious and casual chess players. I'm hoping the theme will also draw some good attention and discussion, once the design has been refined.


Hello, i have an old chess set that i got from my grandmother. Looking for information on it and possible to sell it. Has all the pieces. 3 are broken. Has elephants, camels, and horses. queen is holding a knife. All pieces are white. Half have black bottom. 






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