Fritz 12 vs Fritz 13 (Viva Media) Windows 7 (Post in diff. category)


I have a Windows 7 desktop and I can either get Fritz 12 or Fritz 13.  I know there are more features in Fritz 13 and it is certain to work on Windows 7, however I can save $10 on Fritz 12 and it has almost the same features, however I'm not sure if it works on Windows 7.  I am a club player by the way.


both fritz 12 and fritz 13 work on windows 7. just spend the extra $10 for fritz 13, the lets check function is very useful


I've had fritz since version 7 and 13 would be the choice especially if only a 10 buck difference.

The lets play feature is really a unique feature. With many opening databaseses the lets play and many thousands of top players has formed a very good opening book. 13 far outplays 12 in that area for one.

13 although still not perfect in analysis (especially endgames is much better than 12) you can look at a game that two people are playing and get a much better realisitc analysis of the board.

The only thing that 12 is better than 13 that I can think of is 12 offers 1 year or at least it did of playchess server time whereas 13 cut it down to 6 months of free server play.