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Gem I found at a restore.

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    Found this at the restore by my house for $250 it has dings and scratches but I have no idea how old it is or any thing like that. I do know that its hand made and pretty dam heavy. I already had the pieces.



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    Nice piece great find
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    That is VERY cool !!! Those tables always remind one of Paul Morphy's day IMHO. morphy.jpg

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    Yeah, I looked pretty hard for a date and couldn't find one, I would love if it had some historical significance but I couldn't find anything of historical value.I did find it online or at least some thing very similar going for about 2-3k new. http://www.lanafurniture.com/frontier-finished-mahogany-game-table

    Now I just need to shuffle some stuff around and make space for it and find some chairs to go with it, a rustic looking wood clock, maybe even some new pieces if anyone has a suggestion on what would complement it.
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    Check out this chess table on their page happy.png ... game4.jpg  http://www.maitland-smith.com/game-room-furniture.aspx

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    Thanks for the link Ronbo. :)

    No I think I'll just leave it as it is. I like to drink and smoke while I play chess so it will actually be pretty nice not to have to worry about messing it up.Besides I'm not very crafty and don't exactly want to spend more money to get someone else to refurbish it.
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    Beautiful. Absolute Score! Not in the least bit jealous happy.png.

    Nice find AlkinKing happy.png.

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    Thanks! I tried to post that link in post #4 but I guess I failed.
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    Yeah, the forums here have always been iffy as to whether something will show up as a link.  Mine showed up that time first try, but most of the time I've had to go back and edit posts to fiddle with the spacing.  Not so sure if that's as much the case since the change to the new version, but it's always been a PITA for me.

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    Nice score! How large are the squares? What are the dimensions of the insert?
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    &2Q1C oddly enough I think it's suppose to be like that. If you look at the backgammon table and when it's removed it all matches. I'm thankful it's not on the actual chessboard, not that it would have stopped me from buying it.

    @Quasimorohy I'm going to blame it on my copy and pasting the link from my phone , but you got it on here for me so it all worked out.
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    I'll measure it when I get home. The pieces on there have a king height of 4.0 with a 1.625 inch base.
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    Insert is 19.5" squares are 2" table width is 32" table height is 30"
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    Beautiful, authentic looking table. Congrats. I'm a big fan of chess tables, not their prices though. Hard to find one with big enough squares imo.

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    Wow, I'll give you $251 for it. Nice find!

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    AlkinKing wrote:
    Insert is 19.5" squares are 2" table width is 32" table height is 30"

    Thanks, AK. I have a chess table with an insert that is 24 x 24. This allows me to use all of my 23.75" square boards in it, and I have had a fellow on Etsy make me a very nice custom insert as well. It's a thought, if you're so inclined.







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    Oh wow, those are beautiful and that's a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
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    I apologize in advance if this is not the place to post this. It I was trying to see if anyone could help me find a specific chess set. I have a photo of it. Just now sure who the maker is or what the set name is. 


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