House of Chess


Hi. How reliable is the House of Chess. I am interested in buying a chessboard from them. But I am wary, Has anyone brought any chess product from them. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks a lot.


In my experience, very reliable. 

I have had several dealings with them and have been pleased. Just this past month I have had to order a replacement piece for a set (a Queen that had a broken collar) and the replacement piece is on it's way and will be here before the end of the month. A huge improvement over other replacement pieces I have had to get from other sources. 



I bought a set (Rsava now owns that set by the way) and a chess piece carrying case from them.

Their products seem reliable and so does their service.  I would not hesitate buying from them again.


And the set that @Eyechess is talking about (^^^^^^ up there) is a very nice set. Good craftsmanship, plays well, feels good. I am currently using it as my main set, have played a number of games with it since acquiring.  

I bought a wenge set and a box with them and I am very happy.

The House of Chess produces sets that are of a better quality than Chess Bazaar and their prices are significantly lower.


Their chess sets are nice.

Issues like broken/cracked piece, they replaced it quickly.

I bought several sets form them over the past 20 years.  Quality has always been very good.

Their boards, not going to find anything better for the price,  Very nice quality.  They are a little glossy if that is a concern.

I own sets from HOS, Chess Baron, and HOC. HOC has the best bang for the buck. The pics in their site does not do justice with the actual set.