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House of Staunton VS Jacques of London chess set recommendation

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    I have taken the liberty of emailing Mr Erik Allebest the CEO of Chess.com 


    Well Erik now you are GOD of the chess world I guess mere mortals whom once roamed in the same shoes as you are nothing but a distant memory? You have come a long way since asking me for the lowest prices possible on container full’s of tournament chess sets for the once owned wholesale chess company!  It’s great what you have achieved with chess.com however I take serious issue when any tom dick or harry can freely create lies, slanderous comments against my company and others for example, and not be held accountable! Your platform fails in the immediate banning of a member who creates a platform with the sole intent of defaming a business such as mine.  The troll member in question is called STAUNTONMASTER - I give fair warning that you take action before we initiate our own agenda against chess.com and this member !




    Yeah that's some real tact right there. You're bound to get your way with such a unwarranted rant at someone who is not even remotely involved in this thread. Glad you're tone deaf enough to show everyone how you do business though.

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    ajkno wrote:

    Yeah that's some real tact right there. You're bound to get your way with such a unwarranted rant at someone who is not even remotely involved in this thread. Glad you're tone deaf enough to show everyone how you do business though.


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    Have a little class and do this behind closed doors?

    If it doesn't work out for you, just leave.

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    El_Oval wrote:

    Have a little class and do this behind closed doors?

    If it doesn't work out for you, just leave.

    yeah youre right ...

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    El_Oval wrote:



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    Come on, give Carl a break.

    Carl has been on this forum for a few years and has provided a lot of information, special member discounts to anyone on the forum, and he has payed attention to what some of us want in a chess set.  He actually took the opinions of some here to design at least 2 sets that I am aware and I remember him making modifications to piece design in a particular set he was coining out with based on comments of those in this forum.

    Yes, Carl has been a very productive and worthwhile member os this forum.

    The problem that has occurred recently is that there are a few posters than come here with some real problems for the forum.

    First, they are completely anonymous and therefore do not end up taking any responsibility for the things they say here.  And this anonymity also allows a person to post as a troll under one account, have that account closed and then come back under a complete different handle and account.  once again this is really a problem for the forum.

    These trolls are usually also using a free account and not paying as a number of us do.  Understand that I have no problem with the free accounts, per se.  But the free or no cost account combined with the anonymity appears to make a real problem with honesty and trustworthiness.

    Another problem is that this particular poster, Stauntonmaster, has shown some real problems in his posting.  First he makes generalized and usually always very negative comments about sets and Chess Retailers.  He makes negative claims with no evidence of specific problems.  And with that he has never posted a picture showing the problems of which he writes.

    This poster and a few others have driven away a number of members or posters here that were very good people with knowledge and experiences of Chess Equipment.  For instance, this anonymous, non-paying member is saying that certain companies provide poor quality products.  However he provides no evidence at all for his claims.

    I have to agree with Carl in that the administrators of this forum should do some things to improve these posts.

    In my opinion the anonymity should not be allowed.  People should have their names on their profile page, for instance.  If we know the name of the person saying such wrong things that would help.

    Also, the negative trolling that Stauntonmaster and a few others have done should be moderated and stopped.

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    Why are you editing all of your posts OFFICALSTAUNTON?

    Luckily I have a screen-cap of your brazen unprofessionalism for all to witness. This is the man you are dealing with when you buy from Official Staunton. He is supposed to be a business owner but acts like a 12 year old troll from 4chan.null

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    What really matters on this forum is good discussion of Chess Books & Equipment.  Let's not lose sight of that.

    I do not remember any negative posts about Official Staunton products or service that was specific.

    Not one person has come on here describing a specific problem with a Chess product or the service Carl has given.

    Stauntonmaster has made some broad and generalized statements saying that he has bought or seen product from Official Staunton that is of poor quality, but he noticeably has failed and continues to fail producing specific evidence of those problems.  He has never posted any kind of picture on this forum as Stauntonmaster.  When people have had problems with product they have always provided pictures of the product with the problem.  This is evidence.

    As I said, there have been no specific complaints regarding any product from Official Staunton or their service.  I write this objectively as this is a fact.

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    Well,my recent Official Staunton 1849 Limited Edition Lacquered set(ordered on Christmas day) is "absolutely flawless"! I'm really picky about tiny imperfections and you'd need a microscope to find anything wrong with this fabulous set!...Also,my dealings with O.S. were about the best and easiest I've experienced as a consumer....Not a fanboy...Just speaking about my buying a nice product from a top company!!

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    ajkno wrote:


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    Btw,I can totally understand someone like Carl(O.S.) going, "maybe", a bit more overboard with his comments than some might like to see....He has a business that is being criticized and has a right to defend his reputation....Sometimes,when we get passionate,we don't make the best moves(think chess)....As someone who had my own  business for 35 years and worked as hard as I did,I understand where he's coming from.....

      Sill, the comments by STAUNTONMASTER(someone I always kinda' got a kick out of,since he was so damn over the top and eccentric) were/are a real low blow,regarding Official Staunton.To me,they smack of simply being demeaning and shameful!! To intentionally attempt  hurt a small business  is beyond rude and inconsiderate...Ever think about the family that business might support?...It's one thing to start a thread if you got recently burned and you want a situation brought to light and corrected(I've done that to good effect) but this time around...STAUNTONMASTER....You've lost my respect!...Not that I think you care....So long!


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    While I agree that Carl's comments went overboard in reaction to some very unsupported comments aimed in his direction, I'm very sorry that he has closed his account.  Carl has done a lot of good for the members here.  Furthermore, his sets, by all first-person accounts here, are of the very highest quality.  It is obvious that he takes great pride in his product line.  I believe it is a real labor of love for him.

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