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how good is pandolfini?

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    I was wondering if anyone has read the book "Pandolfini's ultimate guide to chess".  I have a google nexus 7 tablet and this book is available.  Also, any good books that i could download to my tablet.  My brother had the book by Pandolfini called "modern weapons of chess"  and he liked that one.

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    i should mention i am rated about 890 in live chess and 1500 in online chess, so i am somewhat lower rated player.

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    Amazon has a 'Look inside' option, why not read a bit?

    EDIT: Actually it's just the first chapter which looks aimed at people who have never played. All the chapters sound like they are probably too basic for you.

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    i downloaded the first chapter and it was pretty basic, probably wont get that book.

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    Under 1000 you can definitely benefit from it.  Get it along side another beginner book such as Schiller's Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom. 


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