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If there were only 1 chess book you could reccomend what would it be ?

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    That sounds like a great book nyLsel, I will certainly check it out.

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    Bruch wrote:
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    My personal favourite is "Best Lessons of a Chess Coach" by Sunil Weeramantry (I think that he's one of Nakamura's trainers).

    Or maybe his father

    Sunil is a true genius and it was fortuitous that he married Nakamura's mom and then nurtured his talent through the GM category.    I took a few lessons from him back in the 70s and he was everything you needed in a teacher; creative, enthusiastic and brilliant.  It's just that the expense of quality teachers is not something everyone can afford.  

    The best teachers I have had over the years have been truly open minded and brilliant pointing toward classical sources for the subject matter.  The worst have been peddlers of stereotypes and simple ideas.

    I'm looking forward to reading this book!  It will be in my hands in about 1 week.  What can I expect to learn?

    you can expect to learn about outposts, weak color complex, developing pieces, clearance sacrifices, taking advantage of lead in development, How to use 3 minor pieces to fight a queen, pawn chains, attack/defensive tactics, and a legit way to draw.

    Sunil is an 1. e4 player (from what I see from his book), and he likes King's bishop fianchetto (or the "Indian style") when hes playing black.

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    The Complete Chess Course by Fred Reinfeld

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    PAMetalBoss wrote:

    The Complete Chess Course by Fred Reinfeld

    That's an old book, but I cut my teeth on it decades ago.  I'm going back through it right now, trying to get back into the swing.  His game examples lack the source, and some are perhaps "created" for the purposes of illustration, but as a one book solution, I think it's a worthy candidate.

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    Have been making steady improvements in my chess...thanks to all!!!

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    Bobby Fischer's 60 memorable games.

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    500 Games  of Chess Tartakower and Dumant

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    thank you

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    Hello again,

    Its been a couple years now since this post and I have steadily progressed in chess. I have found that  " The Life and games of Mikhail Tal" assisted me in this adventure.  I appreciate everyones input.

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    There's no way I could only recommend just one... so I'll list 5:


    The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal - Just completely enjoyable! happy.png

    The Soviet Chess Primer - WAY better than the "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess" dreck

    Zurich 1953 - Incredible collection of incredible games by incredible players!

    Secrets of Pawn Endings (Muller) - Dense and "dry", but completely fascinating

    My System & Chess Praxis - A bit dated, but essential reading for any serious player


    Those would be my "Desert Island" choices... but I'd be tempted to sneak Kasparov's 5 Vol. "Predecessors" set into the bag too! happy.png

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    A list of good chess books for anyone who has not yet added "Master" to their chess title...(from beginner to expert)....


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    the most amazing chess book:

    "What it takes to become a chess master " by Andrew Soltis

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    Follows by:

    "Tal's winning chess combinations" by Mikhail Tal

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    For a beginner... Complete Book of Chess Strategy by Jeremy Silman 

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    "My 60 memorable games" Robert James Fischer


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