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Keeping Ebony in a Standard Storage Box?

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    Hi folks, been studying up on various chess pieces and equipment and just learning a lot. I've read that Ebony, though dense and tough, is also a bit brittle? Evidently prone to chips moreso than boxwood. Does this sound correct?

    If so, I was just wondering if others keep their ebony in standard storage box where all the pieces are kept together in each colors compartment. Or do most prefer to keep them in the casket style with individual dividers for each piece?


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    Hard things tend to be more brittle. That's about all I can contribute.

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    I was worried exactly the same issue, and I am keeping my Collector Ebony in a box with individual dividers.

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    I keep my nice sets in divided trays but I never experienced any issues before I got the trays. If you don't shake or drop the box why would there be?

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    Well I'm not sure to be honest. Before doing all the research I wouldnt' have worried at all about it. Now I've read about it being brittle, and even had one online dealer warn me away from ebony due to its fragile nature (which I found a little strange). So now I'm wondering if the stuff needs to be treated like eggs when you're putting them in and getting them out of the standard compartment storage boxes?

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    I just carefully placed the pieces in the box. That seemed sufficient.

    As for ebony being too brittle for a gift, I disagree. Maybe Baron's ebony has issues with insufficient curing.

    If you get proper ebony and you tend to store rather than display, I don't foresee problems.

    My oldest ebony set is 19 years old and is as nice as ever. Never even applied that high quality paste HOS recommends as a yearly treatment.


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