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    Anyone know where to look to buy a chess set online? I'd like to replace my old 12 inch dinkie one.

    I'd like staunton, larger the better. Wooden prefereably. Simple as possible.


    Andddddddddddd.... under $100???


    I'm relatively new to chess so I don't really even know if this is reasonable. Comments?

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    Wooden Staunton chess set. Search that on Google. Here's some stuff.

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    You also look here for some advice.

    Bradford - Chess Sets

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    Those sites listed are certainly worth a peek.


    Also, consider the sets at House of Staunton:


    for wood sets under $100 after you spend time drooling over the more expensive sets. Smile

    They have great customer service, and their FAQ page is quite informative.

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    I personally like the simple plastic tournament sets.  A good size is a king of 3.75".  It's easier to see and use.  The down side is they usually come with fold up vinyl mat boards.  They are usually cheap too eg. about $40 new.  I wouldn't bother with expensive theme sets eg. Lord of the rings etc.  The pieces can be weird.  It's hard enough playing well without having to figure out if that was a bishop or rook they moved  Wink

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    I prefer the classic look of House of Staunton chess sets. Their higher end plastic sets, while not inexpensive, are great value, look terrific, weigh a ton and will last several lifetimes. Teamed with a rollup vinyl board in traditional green and cream they are the ultimate set to take to the local chess club where anything wooden will likely garner a few snickers. I own the Collector pieces and I'm always astounded by how good they look. Purchased from The Chess House. The only problem for us Canadians is the shipping costs tend to be quite high but I know of no other way for us to get this equipment short of going to the States.

    Upscale from that are House of Staunton wooden sets and fancy boards where the sky's the limit when it comes to pricing.

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    Go to the Chess House and download their free buying guide.  It's worth the 15 seconds!


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    This chess blog http://www.ukchessblogger.com/ has some good advice on buying a chess set on the web. There seems to be tons of sites selling chess sets these days.

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    I have House of Staunton I use for tourney set. Wood, good looking and was about $100.00. They also have a couple of wood sets under $100.00. I also have a set put out by The Chess Piece  ( http://www.thechesspiece.com). They have some very nice sets under $100.00, and some VERY nice sets over $100.00. Have fun shopping

                                     IrishMike Cool

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    Please also take a moment to visit www.ChessRight.com to shop for a new chess set. Lots of choices! And yes, there are sets under $100 -- check in "combos" and make sure your choice includes a chess board.

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    have you visited the site:  WWW.WHOLESALECHESS.com  ???   Erik started it, and they used to give a discount for members of Chess.com

    you may find the prices competitive if you want a new set.

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    if you trust them, and are willing to search, you can often find a good bargin on ebay. I got a nice hand carved set imported from India.

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    I think the vendors have graced us with their presence. Innocent

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    Yes, it would appear so....

    Cyenobite, sounds like you did well to get a good set direct from India. That is where many of the really good (and some not so good) wooden sets come from even if the companies selling them would prefer to hide the fact.

    Most of the factories there sell off their defects to local traders because they are not fit for export. They then end up on ebay.

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    Y don't u search Chess Bazaar on google and find incredible staunton chess sets annnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd itss below $100 !!!!!!!!

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    I wanted to keep a price cap, but I just bit the bullet and bought a gorgeous $250 oak table with 2" squares and a wonderful Staunton set of rosewood and boxwood with a 4" king at only $90 (on sale from $180).

    If you are looking to have a beautiful set in your home that people will appreciate and love to play on, the money will be forgotten.

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    TheFamilyBerzurcher wrote:

    I wanted to keep a price cap, but I just bit the bullet and bought a gorgeous $250 oak table with 2" squares and a wonderful Staunton set of rosewood and boxwood with a 4" king at only $90 (on sale from $180).

    If you are looking to have a beautiful set in your home that people will appreciate and love to play on, the money will be forgotten.

    If you get an opportunity, please post a photo; Many of us would love to see it!

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    it looks even more beautiful in person and fits in any room very charmingly. it even travels well. this site seems great for chess equipment. the first one i ordered had a small dent in it from shipping and they had a new one shipped to me three days later and had the old one shipped back for free. it came with pieces, but they pale in comparison to the deal i got on these babies:



    they are almost 50% off and their detail is astounding. i purchased the natural boxwood and rosewood. and they couldn't match the table better. I prefer the Fleur de Lis on the King to the traditional design. plus, the queen and knight are of EXCEPTIONAL quality. none of them are exactly the same. they each have tiny tiny differences barely noticeable to the naked eye. the knights teeth are a knockout! 


    this combo is sure to be a hit in our college apartment. well worth the money spent.

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    Need Chess Boards?  I have wide selection of cool gaming boards!  Free Shipping.

    View them here: Mr. Low Man's Chess Sets

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    You defintely must check out House Of Staunton's ebay page.  There are some great deals to be had there.  Their auctions usually end Saturday and Sunday evenings (pacific time) but you should defintely be able to get a nice set within your range.   I recently got a set normally priced at $400 for $130 shipped.  

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