Mesgen Amanov's Chess Instrution Series


I recently began Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov's program, "Improve My Chess," and I found it disappointing.  Although each lesson lists several topics he intends to cover in it, he often omits a few, and he does not seem to be willing to explain his theories very carefully. Instead he just rushes into detailed discussions of individual games, typically missing any connection with the announced topics as he gets deeper and deeper into tactics and fails to link them to any more general ideas.  He also rushes through everything he is talking about, so it is very difficult to follow him, forcing the listener to run each lecture through twice to get everything out of it.  Generally, listening to these lectures is like overhearing a grandmaster talking to himself, and while you have to admire his intelligence, you don't feel as if he is really imparting any of it to you.


I was curious about this program. Thanks for the heads up.


 I like his ads


What about your views regarding his teaching and coaching skills? Unchanged?

How much have you learnt from him? How did his skills affect you, can you tell us more?


Everyone is welcome to Mesgen Amanov chess club:
This club is unrelated to Mesgen Amanov Chess Academy or Mesgen Amanov himself. It is created by one of his fans. Mesgen Amanov fans, students or anyone else are welcome to join this group, we will have daily and blitz matches. Have a great time.


Mesgen Amanov chess club: join us


 i joined


let us know how it goes.


the ads are soo badass