mint Saitek Renaissance with Sparc module for sale



I am looking to sell my Saitek Renaissance wooden chess board:

- mint condition

- original packaging

- two sets of chess pieces

- computer serial interface

- power supply

- Sparc module

The Renaissance is a luxurious vintage wooden board where you just have to move the pieces for the move to be recognised. No need to push the pieces down. Each square has four red LED (one at each corner) to better identity the from and to square.

I am not sure what a fair value would be for this. Any opinion?

I am located in Paris, France.




Is it this one:

If so, it looks like your starting price is realistic. Good luck with it!


Fair price but too much for me.

This is the same one, plus:

- original packaging

- a second set of chess pieces

and most importantly:

- the Sparc module, which has the strongest program for this electronic chess board, written by Kathleen and Dan Spracklen.



It's hard to say what it's worth. Because computers keep advancing, and free chess programs are now so strong, its primary value is as an antique, as a collectable for its curiosity value. So to the right person, it may be worth a lot, but only a few people would be seriously interested.



Je suis intéressé par votre renaissance + sparc module. Je vous ai envoyé un message privé avec mon adresse mail si vous pouviez m'envoyer quelques photos de l'ensemble. Merci