Oldest Chess Book?

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    For all those chess book addicts what is the oldest book you have and how did you come across it. You can also say how much you paid for it.

    My oldest book dates back to the 1890s and I was fortunate to pick it up for free. I was at a local tournament some years ago and someone brought in a heap of chess books from a deceased estate and we were told we could help ourselves. Being a keen collector of books I had a good look through them and found this particularly old book so I snapped it up quick. What was strange about it was that no one else seemed interested in it they were more interested in the newer books as these went first. I guess it looks old and tattered but a book close to 120 years old that's got to be a collectors item.

    Anyone else?

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    did you get a price for it ?

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    Chess Books

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    Chess books

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    Chess books

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    Chess Books.

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    kco wrote:

    did you get a price for it ?

     No it's probably not that valuable but when I saw that it was published back in the 1890s I jumped at it. I'd never sell it anyway.

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    The first 3 photos are of my chess books i put on my blog.

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    and my wife thinks I have a chess problem:)LOL

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    My oldest chess book is a real classic - "The chess-player's handbook" by Howard Staunton Esq. subtitled "A popular and scientific introduction to the game of chess exemplified by in games played by the greatest masters and illustrated by numerous diagrams of original and remarkable positions". It was written in 1847 (my copy was printed later in the late 19th century) and is the only book on chess I have ever been given as a present. Can't say I rely on it too much though. Smile

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    my oldest chess book is from 1852... pretty sweet ;>)

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    Oldest Book: Marache's Manual of Chess c.1885 (Originally published 1866)

    Oldest Mag: American Chess Bulletin 1912

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    xbg wrote:


    and my wife thinks I have a chess problem:)LOL

     My wife thinks chess is the problem!!!!!!

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    Ruy lopez -original manuscripts.  worth a fortune.


    Unfortunately, I do not own them - but somebody must do!!!

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    A lot of chess books have passed through my hands, and many are gone that I wish I still had. The oldest was an edition of Frank Marshall's games that was a library discard. I learned a lot from that book when I was a teenager. Another old book, the one that I learned strategy and positional play from, was by a Polish grandmaster with a long name that started with "P." I can't remember that unspellable name, but I sure wish I had that book back.

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    I don't know what can be exactly called a "chess book", but I think probably there where some books related with chess in 13th siecle (time of Alfonso X, king of spain who imported chess from Africa) written in arabian or spanish.

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    i just picked up "Marache's Manual of Chess" from 1866

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