Patches for bugs in Chessmaster XI

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    Really?  I have Windows XP and it works fine.  The bugs don't really matter as long as it is not something like causing Chessmaster to freeze and crash (which actually did happen, but shouldn't happen again.)

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    Unfortunately, I am going to be running XP for a while. I won't have opportunity to upgrade anytime soon. In any case, a patch for CM: GM Edition on XP is probably unrealistic, since support for XP was discontinued a few years ago, I believe.

    By the way, I am pretty sure I just discovered another bug, an extension of #4, above. When I win, it adds points to my overall rating, but when I lose, it subtracts points from my specific rating... I think. Something like:

    Scenario: win
    1507 + 17 = 1524 (overall)
    1507 + 36 = 1524 (standard)

    Scenario: lose
    1650 - 21 = 1620 (overall)
    1650 - 30 = 1620 (standard)

    So, it's inconsistent in the type of rating it adjusts after a game (based on win v. loss), in addition to simply making arithmetic errors. Does this explanation make sense?

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    Correction: After taking a closer look at post #3, I retract my allegation that CM is inconsistent with its math errors; I cannot verify it. Nevertheless, the math errors do transpire after each rated game.

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    I do find the blunder alert kind of annoying at times.  I've even asked the mentor for advice, then went to move the piece it suggested, and got a blunder alert!  I think it would be excellent if it just warned you when you hang a piece or are walking into a trap, but I think the programming has it set a little too sensitive at times.

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    you can change the sensitivity of blunder alert. But the problem is  that mentor lines and blunder alert doesn't match. I guess blunder alert has limited search deap compared to mentor lines. I guess there is no link between them to.

    blunder alert has to react in a split second if you make a move while mentor lines can run longer and calculate better moves and sometimes the best moves may look bad - in short search.

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    I know you can turn off the blunder alert, but yes it is true - sometimes when I ask for advice and I play the move, the blunder alert would pop up.

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    whirlwind2011 wrote:

    1) If I pause the game while my opponent is thinking, then when I resume, my opponent's time will occasionally have lapsed by many hours, giving me an unearned victory even in a rated game. For example, when my opponent has 40 minutes left in a 60-minute game, and I pause while it's thinking, if I resume the game only 20 minutes later, its clock will suddenly say "-18:54:02," and I win.

    Wait... how did you pause the game?  Did you go to Actions>Pause and pause like that?  Because I tried that and it didn't work- I paused for 20 minutes, and when I came back my opponent's time was still the same.  Did you pause the game some other way?

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    I normally pause the game by pressing CTRL+P, but I sometimes use Actions > Pause as well. This bug is relatively rare, but it's happened to me about three times, I think, so now I've taken to avoid pausing during my opponent's turn. If you're going to keep trying to recreate the bug, you will probably need to be persistent; it may take many tries.

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    Yeah, I'm sure it doesn't matter if you do Ctrl+P or Actions>Pause since they are both the same thing.

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    I haven't played since Chessmaster 6000 on Windows 98.  I just got Chessmaster Grandmaster and am using it on Windows XP.  It specifies that it is designed for  Vista and XP.  Once it was loaded (took some time) I immediately jumped into rank games.  From the outset, the game was hanging between each move, approximately two minutes per move.  Windows Task Manager shows that it is not responding during these times.  What is interesting though is that while it is not responding, the clock on my turns continues to proceed but will not let me play.  When I am allowed to play, I usually have lost about 2 minutes off the clock.  While it also hangs on the computer opponent as well and the clock often continues also, it doesn't always happen and not always to the same degree.  Over the course of a 30 minute game, I lost about 8 to 10 minutes more than the computer generated opponent.  It was going to force me to lose from time issues

    even though I was leading game in pieces and position.  There are other problems created by this 'hang,' such as erroneous moves created...but I won't go into detail on those.  I would like to eliminate this 'not responding' problem.  Any thoughts?

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    whirlwind2011 wrote:

    I like to hone my chess skills using Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition, as many others here do too, I'm sure. I am highly satisfied with the quality of its playing ability, its interface, etc. However, I have noticed several bugs in various facets of the program. I check the Ubisoft website every so often for any patches, but I repeatedly find none. Does anyone else have any information on the availability of patches? Maybe I'm just not looking in the correct places on their site.

    I'm sure this won't fix all of the bugs, but have patches 1.01 and 1.02 been installed? For Chessmaster 11, they're supposed to install automatically, but they don't always do that. If you're not sure, check your version number in the help menu. If you need to install them, you can find links to the patches on both the Chessmaster 11 forum FAQ page and downloads page.

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    The program is pretty buggy, and gave me loads of crashing trouble under WIndows XP, though not so much under Windows 7. Another bug I haven't seen mentioned here: sometimes when in training mode and you ask it to read the suggested lines from the analysis aloud (and it animates the moves while speaking), I've had it go into a loop where it starts spewing nonsense and describing completely illegal moves (going past a checkmate, rewinding to same point in analysis over and over, etc).  But it's one of those things I've learned to love to hate, and generally still have fun playing it.

    But to be fair, I've also had the Rybka Aquariaum demo do a funky thing where it quantum tunneled his rook right across my bishop in one game (what the ?!?), and Fritz has done a few wonky things as well.

    With respect to the previous poster's hang problem: I used to find that the program frequently terminated abnormally and left rogue processes running in the background, using 50-100% of CPU loading, which both interfered with future instances of the program, and also crippled my system. So I used Windows Task Manager to look for "game.exe" (the interface) and "TheKing350.exe" (the core engine) and kill them("End Task") prior to restarting the program.

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    Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition v1.2.0

    Observed bug:

    Losing on time despite the fact the opponent has no mating material (e.g.  lone king).

    Expected behavior:

    The correct result should be a draw.

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    @tuzmor: Yes, that is a programmer's oversight. Thanks for pointing that out!

    @EscherehcsE: I'm sorry that I have not replied to your post! I must have been busy when you wrote that. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had those patches. I no longer have the program installed, so I cannot say for sure. I recently read that UbiSoft has discontinued support for Chessmaster, so I gave up hope of them ever fixing these bugs.

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    whirlwind2011 wrote:

    @tuzmor: Yes, that is a programmer's oversight. Thanks for pointing that out!

    @EscherehcsE: I'm sorry that I have not replied to your post! I must have been busy when you wrote that. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had those patches. I no longer have the program installed, so I cannot say for sure. I recently read that UbiSoft has discontinued support for Chessmaster, so I gave up hope of them ever fixing these bugs.

    Yeah, it seems Ubisoft has moved on from Chessmaster. So whatever bugs are there now will be there forever.

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