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scid help

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    i recently started using scid, mostly just to look into my openings for improvements etc. i do also use an engine with it and i was wondering if it was possible to suggest a move or line for the computer to look into? is the only way to see it's reaction by moving the pieces?

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    You can set up a position, or input an FEN.

    If you have an FEN copied you can press Ctrl Shift V, or I think it's under EDIT: Set up position to move the pieces.

    Then I think you press analysis or engine and turn the engine on.

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    yeah i know how to do that, what i'm asking is when i have the engine analysing a position, say it's giving me 3 or 4 possible lines, is there anyway to point it in the direction of a different line to look down, or do you just have to make the move you want it to check and see what the new analysis is?

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    Oh, I'm not totally up on using it but that's what I'd do, not sure if there's a better way.

    Would be nice to be able to get it to show you the top few moves rather than just 1 as well, I'm sure there's a way but I don't know that either.

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    there is a way to do that. at the bottom of the analysis window there is an up and down arrow with the number one in a box, click the up arrow to increase the number of first moves it shows evaluation for.

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    What's the problem with just playing the move you want to analyse?

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    dunno l0l


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