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Selling Some of My Chess Collection

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    After reading and participating in another Topic, I have decided to sell off some of my Chess equipment.

    I am not set up to sell on eBay and am really not interested in getting into all that work.

    I own the following sets that I am willing to consider selling.  Remember that I have always sought a discount for all the equipment I bought and that includes sets from places like Noj.  I am and will be honest as to how much I paid for anything and you will find that I am not interested in making a profit.  However, I am not going to just give stuff away.

    1. House of Staunton (HoS) Morphy Series 4.0" in Blood Rosewood, purchased circa 2006 or so.  I can't remember the exact year, but I do remember it was just after Shawn Sullivan had taken over the business completely from Frank Camaratta.  I did get this set at a really good price.

    2. HoS Marshall Series Rosewood set.  I bought this one on Clearance a few months less than 2 years ago and I find I am not playing with it.

    3. HoS Classic Series 4.4" Ebonized.  I bought this set about a year and a half ago to go with 2.5" squares and once again, I don't play with it.

    4. Official Staunton Broadbent set, Ebonized.

    5. HoS B H Wood Ebonized set.  I thought I wanted this set in its original black color and find I don't use it.

    6. HoS Fischer-Spassky Commerative set, Ebonized.  I just don't need this set.

    7. HoS Drueke Players wood set, Ebonized.  While I like this set I really don't need it at this time.

    8. House of Chess, Yugo-Zagreb, Blood Rosewood.  This is a nice set that I bought because of this forum and find I am not using it.

    9. Best Chessmen Ever (BCE) ebonized set bought directly from the Best Chessmen Ever site and Jonas. 

    10. I have 2 Ultimate wood chess sets from The Rochester Chess Center that I am willing to sell.  They are both Sheesham with one being darker and more grained, looking like regular Rosewood and the other being the light chocolate color you normally see in Sheesham.  I bought them when the wood ban was announced and over a few months.

    11. HoS Lardy, Ebonized set.  I also have this set in their Golden Rosewood, which is really Sheesham and like that better.  The Ebonized version is, of course, black and I don't personally care for it.

    That's enough for now.

    I also have some wood boards that would go well with some of the more expensive sets listed above.  Ask me about them if you like in a message.

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    If this is just a portion of your collection then I'm officially jealous.  I just started my collection with my first board and chess set orders. 


    How often do people have chess friends over? Unfortunately I have very few friends and family members that play and get most of my OTB at work. 

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    I just remembered that I bought back from my old chess coach a HoS Professional Series, Rosewood set.  I had made a board to go with this set with my neighbor who was a woodworking engineer.  I should sell these as well.

    Well, it really does not have to be an expensive hobby of buying chess stuff as long as you don't try to buy it all at once.  Remember, I bought my stuff over a good number of years.

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    Message sent regarding a set happy.png

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    I really wish you had pictures of these wonderful sets.

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    Oh, here are my file pictures of the sets.  Of course the actual set I own might have a slightly different grain, but it will be similar.

    HoS Morphy Series, 4.0" Blood Rosewood:


    HoS Marshall Series, Rosewood:


    HoS Classic Series 4.4", Ebonized:


    Official Staunton Broadbent:


    HoS B H Wood, Ebonized:


    HoS Fischer-Spassky Commerative, Ebonized:


    HoS Drueke Players, Ebonized:


    House of Chess Yugo-Zagreb, Blood Rosewood:


    Best Chessmen Ever, Eastern Stage 1 from Jonas at BCE directly (not a Noj set, but made in India):


    Rochester Chess Center Ultimate Wood, Sheesham set, dark, note my set is not variety grained as the picture:


    Rochester Chess Center Ultimate Wood Sheesham, light:


    HoS Lardy, Ebonized:



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    Wow--you have some really nice sets!  I wish I could afford them.  But on the positive side, my request for pics will help you to sell them.  Hmm, I wish chess.com had a buy and sell section.  I'm sort of thinking of selling one set myself.

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     Oh, that's just cruel!  I have some sort of weird cold or allergy, and my nose is itchy and runny.  My eyes are watery (especially when looking at those beautiful chess sets)...and right when I pick up a tissue, what do I see in the sidebar? An ad for Kleenex!

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    Another message sent happy.png

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    Oh wow!  The blood rosewood pieces are absolutely gorgeous!  Honestly, if I had the ability to, I'd totally want those.  However, I recently ordered (and am paying down) one of the five 2017 Sinquefield Cup sets that were used by the actual players.  $3k investment there but used by two World Champions and it's likely that any of the others will become future World Champions as well (my money on Vachier-Lagrave, So, or Caruana).  

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    Eyechess:  It’s very easy to get set up on ebay.  Took me only 20 minutes and sold a HOS Zagreb set almost right away.  

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    I'm in love with the best chessmen ever... the only thing is missing is the rings on the base... but yeah, such a perfect set... you will regret selling it.

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    htdavid wrote:

    I'm in love with the best chessmen ever... the only thing is missing is the rings on the base... but yeah, such a perfect set... you will regret selling it.

    It is funny that you should say that.  I have been toying with the idea of selling my Noj made BCE, Stage 2, Eastern, Stainless Steel Bases set:


    It is this set but with the Stainless Steel Bases added.

    The problem is that I bought mine in 2012 for $600.  Today they are about $1,000 for the same thing.  If I sold it, I would never be able to buy another.

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    I like the design on the stage 1 better. At one time I was going to buy me one, but I was not able to pass over the fact that shipping alone was going to be $75

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     Are you still interested in selling?  I sent a PM, but never heard back.  

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    Think Rons changed his mind. A little fickle I guess.i also sent a note after not hearing back. I sent another email. In my case gave set to friend.
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    Schachmonkey wrote:
    Think Rons changed his mind. A little fickle I guess.i also sent a note after not hearing back. I sent another email. In my case gave set to friend.

    No, I wasn't being fickle.  I said I was considering getting rid of that one set, which I did not picture with the ones I did have for sale.

    In that case I decided to give the set to a friend that admired the one I use.  If you would have offered or questioned about that set before I gifted it, I most likely would have sold it to you for a very inexpensive price.  But that set is gone now.

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    You were supposed to send me photos of said set by Tuesday so please..
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    I will just paste the convo here or if you wish.
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    Yes, I did get quite busy.  On Tuesday I was out of town doing eye exams at a developmentally disabled facility and didn't get home until after dark.  On Wednesday it was a cloudy day and I ran my scholastic chess club plus I ran a few errands.  I didn't get a chance to go into my chess stuff to take pictures or even consider what was there. 

    Also, I looked at our conversations and I only talked about the Ultimate Wood set, not the Liberty as you asked in a message.  While I did have a backup Liberty set that I bought on Clearance almost 2 year ago, I do not recall offering it for sale, outright.  If it looks as if I did then I apologize.  I ended up giving that set to a chess player in my area that has admired mine for quite awhile.  And yes, I have now given away 3 chess sets.


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