simple chess clock question

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    i have never had a chess clock i want something cheap so i am thinking analog but i only want to if they can set time increments is that possible?

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    simple, clean, cheap and durable

    you can find it at other places its hard to miss since they are all bight blue

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    I just played in a major tournament, and not one analog clock.  It's now all digital.  I must own a dozen analog clocks.  However, with the digital clocks that have to be set with either a 5 sec delay (no time increment, just freezes the clock from counting down in 5 seconds) in the lower seconds and 30 second increment in the expert/master section, it seems that half the people had difficulty in setting the clocks, which is sometimes difficult.  In one of my games, my opponent did not add the 5 second delay, and it did not notice it until I had less then a minute to go.  I complained to the tournament director, but all he said, was "I told you so."  He did announce that it was up to both players to check the time control and delay.  I lost on time in perhaps a drawn position, but did think I could play fast enough not to use up any time in the endgame.  I had another opponent tell me that his digital clock burned up when he changed batteries, so I used my Saitek digital clock set for game in 2 hours plus 5 second time delay.  I set up my clock for the right time ahead of time because I don't think I could have done it very fast in real time without the instruction book.  I do miss the analog clock and flag.  I really do not like the digital clocks, but I have been using analog clocks (BHB, Garde, Jerger, etc) for 42 years.

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    I have an Excalibur, both Saiteks (blue scholastic & silver pro) and a Duel Timer. Among these four, the Duel Timer Champion is by far the easiest to set up for any time control imaginable. The Blue Saitek is easy too, but can't do incriments. The Duel Timer, however, is not the most economical clock. So that is not what you are looking for, neither are the Chronos, DGT XL & 2010 clocks. But according to your criteria, incriment capability and affordable, your choice is between the Saitek Pro, the DGT North American and the Excalibur. Get one of those three!

    The Excalibur has the most features, best display and lowest price of the three, but does not have the durability it seems a bit flimsy. But it is not as bad as folks say in the reviews. But at some web sites it can be purchased for less than 30 bucks.

    The Saitek Pro appears to be much tougher than the Excalibur but the display sucks. B/c it only shows minutes and second after there is less than 20 minutes and during the delay it replaces your time with the delay count down. But the May 2012 Chess Life described it as a cool looking but not a beautiful clock.

    DGT NA is blue and red instead of black, so I don't have one. :-) Can't comment but it should be a decent value for a clock. It gets good reviews.

    Read the reviews about these three clocks in the shopping section, at , and other sites. Then make you decision. Any one of these 3 models, Saitek Pro, DGT NA, and Excalibur, is a good choice.

    Do not get one of the cheap non name brand Chinese made clocks sold on eBay and other places. An analog is old fashioned don't get one for tournament use, only get it, if you realy want it, for nostalgia purposes.

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    I don't play in tournaments, but I wanted a small digital clock that I could set time increments with and use to play locally in friendly games.  I was looking at everything out there and checking here (much like you) when someone mentioned a chess clock app for their phone!  Duh!  I don't know why I never think of that until it's pointed out to me.  There are several available for free that are great and a bunch more for sale that are even better.  And for the $.99 or $1.99 you can't go wrong.  I use mine all the time and don't have to make space for it in the travel set.  So unless you need it for tournaments, give it a try - assuming you own an iPhone or Android phone, that is.

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    Yes there are several good apps for chess clocks. I have a few on my phone. But do you really want people slapping you iPhone in a blitz game. And if it is an iPhone then the battery won't last for long games. They won't work in a tourney b/c phones aren't allowed. But the phone apps are fine for casual or club skittles games. I guess it won't be long before dedicated chess clocks go modern with full color LCD touch screens user friendly interfaces and lots of features and timing modes. And then discussions like this one about which clock is the easiest to use and has the right options, modes and features and affordable will be pointless.

    However, it may take a while b/c chess players are natorius for not embracing the new. They didn't even except digital clocks until the late 1990's. All other sports were using them by the the late '60's to mid 70's!

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    You are correct, of course.  I don't play in tournaments and don't really play blitz OTB either, which is why my iPhone works for me.  Batter life is not an issue as long as the phone is fully charged, which mine always is.  I only use mine for casual games, with friends mostly.  If anyone was slapping at my iPhone they would get a friendly warning the first time, and then punched in the face the second time!

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    The Zmartfun is an LED clock not an LCD clock.

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    Those make the Chronos look stylish.

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    To the OP, has the DGT NA on sale for 39.99 + $6.95 shipping.  $47 shipped isn't bad.

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    travis1010 wrote:

    To the OP, has the DGT NA on sale for 39.99 + $6.95 shipping.  $47 shipped isn't bad.


    If you are an USCF member you can save an additional 10% at that vendor!

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    A tablet or  phone should be fun to use.   The best simple chess clock for Android  is  Chess Cloid by Fireworks.  The best simple chess clock for Iphone/Ipad  is  Game Timer by Thana!    They are free!  I hope you find them very useful!

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    uzpedia wrote:

    A tablet or  phone should be fun to use.   The best simple chess clock for Android  is  Chess Cloid by Fireworks.  The best simple chess clock for Iphone/Ipad  is  Game Timer by Thana!    They are free!  I hope you find them very useful!

    + 1 on Chess Cloid.  I've switched from iPhone to Android and this is a great little clock for free!

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