Spanish Chess Sets 4-Escardibul


                       A "classic" Escardibul ( web image)


                  Another "classic" Escardibur -Look at the Khights!                 

Founded in 1840 in Barcelona by José Oriol Escardibul the Escardibul company quickly became one of the best companies in the manufacturing and sale of billiard equipment and accessories.
In the 20s, with Eusebio Escardibul the company has expanded its products to pipes, table tennis, chess, etc. Their catalogs were very beautiful and appealing and showed the full range of products.
In chess, they  had tables, clocks, chessboards  and 5 types of chess pieces: French type, type English, Spanish Type, Staunton varnished, as well as a plastic set. Two chessboards, one in wood (Capablanca) and a plastic-resin resistant to cigarettes and having unlimited duration!I

                                 (Web image)

From the years 40-50 the house left to bet both in chess, to become one of the world's best in the billiards manufacturing.
Today, Escardibul, still exists, but in  your site does not appear any chess products, including the pieces that were popular in the 60s and 70s, very similar to the indajesa, but with its own characteristics particularly in the rooks, and especially in -The famous chess Knights Escardibul! A pity!

My chess set is  clearly a escardibul one, but I think not made by Escardibul. I call Him, a “neo-escardibul” , and and perhaps another company has caught the model and made the set with different horses.

The similarities with Indajesa are evident, but “who copied who” I do not know.

I Like this set very much, The olive ( I think) wood, the grain, the color of the pieces. Not weighty, the set has nevertheless stability due to a slightly higher base to Indajesa chess pieces. The Knights of my set are strange to say no more, but well proportioned in relation to the original Knights of Escardibul that had the size of the King or Queen, believe it or not!

Even today, one can buy on Ebay and other auction sites Escardibul chess sets at very attractive prices. In fact, even bautiful catalogs of the  Company you can buy!

This is a litte , little note about the story of the Spanish chess pieces, and more and there would be more to find out about the fascinating world of  chess pieces, ex: the role of another company founded in Valencia in 1886, that sells chess pieces: the Luis Brugera but…I’m not a expert or historian of Spanish chess, just curious and passionate by Spanish chess sets  - olespanishchessmaniac







I tried some months ago to purchase one of them.

I couldn't get it , although I downloaded the photo.

The thing is that the guy was selling by 40-50€. :(



Incomplete? And some damages in the Bishops, ears Knight? Excelent Patina, but very very dificult to find a Queen with this color-patina. 50 Euros?  One Thing: This Khights are the Escardibul ones! Big, and with "sin melena, sino una especie de pelo".

I love the Escardibul set.

No, is not mine, but look at this one: Burned, wonderful, but, Incomplete!


Beautiful sets! Thanks for sharing those pictures

Gorgeous dude!

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I don't like the large knights. They offend my sense of proportion.What is the design aim of such monsters? I prefer the smaller, reworked knights. Overall, I prefer the Escardibul to the Indajesa pieces, particularly the rooks.









So my chess pieces now have a name, Escardibul, just like the cover of Max Euwe's book, in the photos on a chessboard with a square of 2 x 2 inches.

PS7HD wrote:

So my chess pieces now have a name, Escardibul, just like the cover of Max Euwe's book, in the photos on a chessboard with a square of 2 x 2 inches.

Very nice vintage set. Showing off some character!