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Ultimate Chess Pieces

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    referring to the photos in your post #170 of the pieces (not the uncolored samples).  The knight appears "yellowish" (ugh!) compared to the other pieces (rook, bishop, king, pawn) which exhibit a very nice light tan color.  Hopefully the color of the new (light) pieces will not have such a yellowish hue (which is due to a little too much green in the pigment).

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    Seems that the pieces have changed enough that they won't work well as replacements for missing pieces in original sets.  We have 20 original sets in our club brand colours blue and yellow. Probably won't need to order for some time but nice to know they're available.

    By the way the only piece ever broken was a rook that lost a crenalation. It was re-glued and has been good. They do stand rather more proud than necessary though.

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    shelby,  I remember some discussion of a larger base, then discussion of taller pieces due to steel weights.  


    do you have the set dimensions yet? (wider, taller or both)

    do the taller pieces also make the new set tournament legal?

    will they have a new version name to differentiate from the original lead sets?




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