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What chess set is MR. WILSON (from Dennis the Menace) playing with

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    drumroll drumroll

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    don't know

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    Very odd looking position on the board too.

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    An anoyingly tall  overly ornate high contrast set probably spcificaly designed to stand out and be noticed in the days of black and white T.V.  Another words, I think, just a guess though, that the set is just a prop rather than a set designed for regular use.

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    Yes, it looks like they glued bases onto the pieces.  I think it would have worked fine if it didn't have the unnecessarily tall bases on each piece.

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                   That's because the early days of television didn't have the kind of zoom lenses we have today. Maybe they wanted mister Wilson to look like he had more money than he really did.

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    And again, thank you for your responses.  Now, I tend to agree a little about the glue-ing the bases on a fairly standard Stanton set- BUT, the ridges on the King made me think at first that this was a fully original set.  Alas, though, you are probably right about the glue-ing.  Many thanks, DAVE

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    I would cast Boris Gelfand to play Mr Wilson.

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    The set isn't legal since the pieces have to be the same colour throughout...lol

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    Zigwurst wrote:

    The set isn't legal since the pieces have to be the same colour throughout...lol

    And it's damned ugly too.

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                           Its not legal TODAY, but for B&W television in the early 60's. That could of been an honest oversite on the part of the prop-master. I know, black pieces on black bases. Maybe he was a starving artist. 

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                         The dimentions of the king height don't match. Something was Mickey Moused. Maybe the director was a pre-Madonna.          Maybe Dennis screwed with it. After all, he WAS a menace.Cool

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

                         The dimensions of the king height don't match. … Maybe the director was a pre-Madonna.

    What's wrong with them? They look the same to me. And what does Madonna have to do with it?

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    I think you mean "prima donna."  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prima_donna

    It looks like they just put the pieces somewhat haphazardly onto the board, too, making it look like an actual chess game to non-chess players, but doesn't look like an actual game position.  Of course if the camera were raised a bit it would be easier to see it, but I'm guessing they just put the pieces in random places on the board.

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    I thought Mr. Wilson was played by the same guy that played Sadaam Hussein in Hot Shots: Part Deux (1993)?

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