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Which chess clock?

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    Hi all,

    So my first visit to the local chess club was last night and while I didn't embarress myself appallingly badly (bar a triple knight fork I'm still wincing at), I did get thrown badly by the clock, never having played OTB with one and not being a fan of blitz.

    So I need to buy a clock (for OTB practice at work with our work club). 

    Looking through the various types available here in Ireland and discounting the cheap made-in-china-and-needs-winding-every-five-minutes model, it seems that the prices go from about €40 to about €80 which is easily budgeted for.

    But if I'm going to buy, I'd like to buy one that'll do anything I need it to do (bar plugging into an electronic board) so I won't have to buy another one later on (and more importantly, so I can cross it off the mental list of things to worry about and just go "yup, that's sorted, back to the tactics exercises now").

    The DGT2010 looks like the best choice to me, but I know diddly-squat about this, so I thought I'd ask the experts - would something like the DGT Easy be sufficient or does it not do something that might be useful later on like FIDE timings or Fischer delays or whatever? What about the Leap? The Saiteks? Within a budget of approximately under a hundred euro, what's the best you-won't-need-another-clock-and-can-get-back-to-focussing-on-learning-better-chess clock out there?



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    i wouldnt get an easy. id get either a dgt 2010 or a dgt north american depending on how much you want to pay. heres a comparison between the two.

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    DGT clocks are the official clocks that FIDE uses, so if you're worried about regulations, you literally cannot go wrong with DGT.

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    The Saitek is a good clock and will do every thing the DGT 2010 will do plus do American style Delay as well as Bronstein.  The DGT 2010 will only for Bronstien style for a delay.  The Saitek is  cheaper too!


    I have the Saitek Pro and the DGT North American (the North American version of the 2010). I prefer the Saitek it is simply a better made piece of equipment than the DGT.  It's main draw back is the levers are quite a bit louder than the ones on the DGT, but hey they light up green when on move and red when flagged.


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