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Which Dubrovnik Set do you like betterChessBazaar or House of Staunton?

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    I would definitely choose a set from House of Staunton.

    Their knights are far more detailed, and their bishops are better.


    HOS and CB sets look totally different to me.

    Chess Bazaar's knight with big head lacks craftmanship, and it looks like a anime hero "Ultra man".

    It doesn't look like a knight.

    It is an Ultra man head.


    Hey guys, choosing a wooden chess set is not a matter of price!

    It is your life-time companion!


    Buying inferior chess set because it is a little bit cheaper?

    It doesn't make sense to me.


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    I prefer the HoS Dubrovnik and I purchased a boxwood/ebonized last November.  However, one of the pawns developed a crack, and I was required to return the cracked pawn in order to get a "free" replacement.  I had an issue with a Zagreb '59 rook upon receiving the set and HoS sent a replacement without the requirement to ship the defective piece back to them.  So, HoS changed their policy regarding replacement. -Gg

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     Figure Dubrovnik from CB is very bad copy. The best copy of figure  DUBROVNIK is near 1000usd.

    Knight is handmade.

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    StevanJovic wrote:

     Figure Dubrovnik from CB is very bad copy. The best copy of figure  DUBROVNIK is near 1000usd.

    Knight is handmade.

    Without a doubt, it's the Rolls Royce of Dubrovniks. And as soon as I hit the lottery (ha ha), I'm going to buy me a few.

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    Of the two I would pick the HOS set.  The CB quality and consistency looks worse, the rook looks anemic, and the knight looks terrible.  I generally dislike Dubrovnik sets because the knight looks weird and I strongly dislike kings without crosses, though.  I have a large preference for Zagrebs over Dubrovniks, though I wouldn't kick either...off the chess board, so to speak.


    That last bit isn't really relevant, and it's definitely just personal taste, but it's how I feel every time i see people hugging the Dubrovnik set, so I threw it in.

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    TheOldReb wrote:

    That is indeed a fine looking set !  Are the NOJ  knights as nice as these ? 

    Hi NM Reb Laughing. You can't go wrong with the Noj Knights. The only thing they're missing is a patina. It's like going back in time to buy a Dubrovnik ... 

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    This discuss is like : what is better Chinese NIKE or original NIKE ?

    Chinese products is shi... 

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    StevanJovic wrote:

     Figure Dubrovnik from CB is very bad copy. The best copy of figure  DUBROVNIK is near 1000usd.

    Knight is handmade.

    Hi, do you have a link?

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    I have to search and  I will recognize good one.

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    I prefer the CB set over the HOS.  I like the pointy manes on the Knights.

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    I am not associated with any Chess equipment company except as a customer to many. Chess Bazaar makes decent sets for the money. Looking at the price range of the sets offered on CB, I don't think so that it's fair to compare CB quality with HOS for such a price difference. Look at the prices of HOS(I'm serious). If I've to collect HOS reproductions, I've to rob the bank first. Some HOS sets are of higher quality than the CB, but they are quite expensive. I've dozens of sets from CB & I endorse CB for their frequent good deals.

    There's a reason why Alan is working with CB for reproductions!

    If I want a high quality Chess set and budget is not an issue then Noj would be the place I would look.

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    I agree Robert on must take into consideration the price of each set. Otherwise it's like trying to compare a lamborghini with a Volkswagon.  Nothing wrong with either car,  Just can not compare them the prices are so far apart.  But for those with the deep pockets the Noj of course runs away with the competition. 

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    the Rook top should only have 5 sides, symbolized 5 regions, the CB Knight is more better because it has the more better looks on its connection in its base, the HOS Knight is like a small head of horse that put on top of the big base, the HOS Rook is more taller, much better, the CB Queen is more better crown, the Bishop is equal, a matter of taste for the user as well as pawn, for the shape of the body yes i agree the HOS is more better coz the base looks more wider. but all in all i prefer the CB...


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    CB King , Queen, Knight and HOS Bishop , Rook , Pawn...with this combination and the body shape of pieces by HOS and the price of CB with the wood color of Rosewood/Boxwood...i could say that its Fantastic and awesome chess set...



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