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Wird and Rare Chess set

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    Wich one is the most rare chess set You see,there is a lot of wird stuff arround,same and very cool and other non practical at all for a chess game. Here is same I find and there is plenty more,what is your favorite?

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    Here is same more

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    I really like the nuts and bolts one. It's very simple and very cool.

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    I've barely seen any unique sets that aren't horrifically ugly. The board in the third photo is nice though, and the last set is OK.

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    The Nut and Bolt are easy to made ,personaly I like the traditional set. Here are same more

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    The Rick Ross tower set is cool cool cool I want it!

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    I have the SouthPark set ... it's nice to look at and have a laugh, but to play on that board kinda sux ... as with most of these.  Chess boards have their value as art, to be sure.  But to play, I prefer a 'traditional' board.

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    The Simpsons Laughing

    Do you know the Asterix and Obelix set? It's lovely.

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    i like the red lads one

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    Nice! I like Asterik ,will be little confusing to play better read the comics

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    lord of the rigs

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    Aliens vs Predator

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    This is a cool one.

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    You can order the extra piece The Midlefinger and use it when you lose the game .Your friend will love You

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    The rarest you can get, while still in existence, is by definition one-of-a-kind. Does that answer your question? There are plenty of one-of-a-kind sets in the world.

    Personally, I like this one that somebody made out of old electronic components (and the board is an old computer motherboard).

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    Please be relevantFabergé chess set from 1905, helpful & nice!

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    Please be relevant, helpful Fabergé chess set from 1915& nice!

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    Dali and two by Faberge.


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