Choosing a Chess Coach


Of the many Titled people offering coaching services, how to decide who to hire?


Thanks Secret


I imagine that asking a prospective coach for names of students you can contact to verify their satisfaction would be worthwhile.



Appreciate the Info.


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No how. You have to try to work with a person. Only then you can understand whether it suits you or not. Only from your experience you can understand, can this menter teach you or not.



The more rating a coach has - the better understanding of chess he has. The real strength of an online chess player can be described by his blitz rating or verified FIDE/USCF ratings. Rapid or daily games don't really reflect one's skill for obvious reasons. Also I would highly recommend you to ask does he have a system of study, and ask to explain it in details. It's a really important step because random analysis of your games won't bring your chess understanding to the next level.