Feedback for Lessons


Really appreciate the work put into the new chess lessons!  Is there a standard place to give feedback / ask questions on particular lessons?


I believe you're in the right place. You could also post this in the general category as well (just avoid duplicate posts). Generally, staff will refrain from responding to such content (even this lovely feedback). But if the coaches who crafted the lessons you're talking about happen to post regular articles then you could always drop a comment in one of those (and read the article of course).


The lessons in the stats section do not show the lessons I’ve completed. Does anyone when this occurs.

Also I’m new to chess so have just completed those two segments & starting beginner. Maybe this is why it doesn’t show in stats??

Thanks for your time for this newbie.

The stats page only highlights certain points of your progress. Showing themes is as far it goes.

To view the actual lessons you must go to the lessons page. Scroll to the right category - you can tell which category you've worked on by the percentages that pop up beside it.


I would like to thank for its Chess Lessons, and above all for the DRILLS section, where you can really practice what you learnt in the lessons. Thank you.

My lesson rating is 2449