I am garbage and can't improve


Yes. I have some books from there.

Waterstone33 wrote:

Yes. I have some books from there.

Whenever you can always get someone better to play you and then go over the game with them.  Its a great way to get a free lesson.



Just do a lesson every day and practice what is taught on a computer, that’s how I get better at any game.

if you want to get good at blitz.  whatever you do, dont' play classical on a physical chess board.   I just got one of those e-boards to play online.  on lichess i'm 1250 in classical,  1000 in blitz and tanking lol.   Its making me worse.

Just do your daily puzzles and lessons and analyze your blitz losses,  and be happy youre well over the average of 800 rating points.  The majority of the players here are below that.  Don't listen to the people selling you a bag of beans.  They have superiority complexes and ego problems and still hold on to outdated traditions and myths. 


one good thing about the online website is you can get competitive matches no matter what level you are and that is what its all about.  If not for this website I wouldn't even think about playing chess.  I would have to be insane.

Learn tactics, spot them in games and avoid them or use them. Check your move to make sure it is not blundering anything and don’t just mindlessly trade a bad piece for a good piece. Also don’t mess up your pawn structure and make sure your king is safe from attacks. Maybe study common endgames and also get one or two openings you can use to safely get to the middle game.

You should try again and again. Because practice makes a man perfect. All the best!


don't think like that.. try and try.. and practice more