If you want to practice a specific opening how can you do it? Like play games.


You cant force people into playing a opening so what?

Learn 3 openings at the same time. One for white and for black an e4 respons and an d4 respons.

That is what am doing at the moment and it’s the first time ever I feel opening practice helps me in-game.


It is obvious that our opponent may leave our opening preparación. Therefore, the best way to prevent being lost after our opponent leaves theory is to learn the main ideas of the opening and the structure it usually derivates to. You have two ways yo improve this: 

1. Play the same opening and defence over and over. With time you will learn the common responses and you will find our the main ideas when you analyze the game after it finishes.

2. The second alternative is harder: try to study as much línes as possible -with its variations- until you memorize enough lunes and understand the main ideas of the possible positions. 



Where can we practice our opening

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Where can we practice our opening


Memorizing them and playing a lot of games with It/them. Chess.com also has a very good tool called "Explorer" where you can build your repertoire according your style.


This might help you 




There are a lot of Daily Chess tournaments dedicated to specific openings.  That can give you good chances to practice, though look for ones with a lower bound on ratings or you may be playing a lot of people who have no clue about the opening.  (I won a Dutch Defense tournament like that....)


You can also get a playing partner who also wants to practice a specific opening.

Play alternate games, first in HIS chosen opening, then in YOURS.


Very good advices indeed. 


In Daily games, you can create a Custom Game.