Need some training on Openings… anyone wants to help?

im a noob, wanting to learn more about chess, but don’t know where to start.
i think studying openings might be useful.
ekimstreets wrote:
im a noob, wanting to learn more about chess, but don’t know where to start.
i think studying openings might be useful.

Easy to understand

For white: London opening

For black: pirc (both can be used against e4, d4, and c4) 

Lots of info at youtube



First move for white(1.e4 1.d4) and black(1...e6 1...e5 1...d5)

Hello ekimstreets…

I don't know if you are still keeping up with this post as it has been 3 months, but I would be glad to teach you some basic openings. However, I can only show you the basics and most common moves, as I am only a beginner as well, but I do have knowledge with openings.

I have sent you a 14 day daily match challenge. If you accept it, we can play through and I’ll teach you as we go.

If possible, please tell me your time zone so we can find a suitable time for you.

Chess Openings Resources for Beginners and Beyond...


"i think studying openings might be useful" ++ No it is not. Study endgames, practice tactics.

EdgerIs my son Adam
My friend Roller a break

Here you can study openings



Watch "Hanging Pawns" overviews, and choose your favorite openings, here's a guide from a GM:

If you don't feel like reading, there's a summary at the end.


I think you first need to recognize what your character in chess is, then you choose an opening accordingly.

I, for one, am positional, but very aggressive. - these things are considered to contradict each other, so it took me much time to find the right openings. Against e4 I play e5 - you need much memory but it's more fun than Caro Kann, French, Sicilian - I tried all three. Against d4 I was Very confused, tried almost everything. Eventually - King's Indian Defense.

As White - d4. [after playing e4 for 10 years, and c4 for 2 months]


Only if you try, sort of 'all of them' (not including the ones that look terrible to you) you can rest assure you have chosen the best opening for you. That's sort-of what I did. I tried everything, not including: Alekhine Defense, Pirc, Benoni, Slav, Leningrad Dutch, Bird, Polish.

P.S. The French Defense is a Great opening, it will win you Many games. But I stopped because you I think Black needs to be too clever / vigilant with his kingside, so I returned to 1...e5 - old faithful - go ahead White - gambit me!