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Audio Visual Chess Mentor

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    Can we not have  Audio-Visual  or at least Audio instead of large paragraphs of chess mentor text....?

    If its pre-typed text , then we can have pre-recorded audio/video too..

    if its kind of automated (AI generated)  , can we have text to speech  etc...

    would dramatically cut learning time for slow readers.... and reading while thinking about the position is  too much tiring...

    I think most of us will like it ( for text lovers...we can have "read text"  mode/link anyways) .

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    I doubt that.

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    ya me too..

    but, neither that its too difficult nor it does not have any value in it.


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    What has no value in it?

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:

    What has no value in it?

    Chess Mentor  with Audio/Video

    (note: i think theres some value in it/ i think its more interactive)

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    CM didn't help me, but I suck anyway.


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